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I write a lot of editorials.  Feast your eyes on one of the biggest editorial sections in the NES scene.

I'm Nintendo, not NES
Why the N64 No! button really ticks me off.

My favorite NES site
Mmmmm....NES Smackdown.

The Tale of the Tape: eBay vs. Funcoland
Come one, come all, and see the great fight between two powerhouses!

Why eBay can really suck!
Usually a great place to buy games, but it can be horrible.

What a horrible thing.  My friends use it, but I don't.  Why not?

The NES Scene
Some of the best people you'll ever meet.

The NES Manual Project
Please do your part.

What Would Have Been

Sections that would have been on my site, but didn't make it for one reason or another.

I Play to Win

Why the term "casual gamer" doesn't apply to me, and in my opinion shouldn't even be a term.

The Magic of NES

I could title it "Why I Like NES", but that's sooo unoriginal.

This Website

I don't know how to describe it, but you must visit it.

The Setup

I had absolutely no clue what to write about, so I wrote this.

Website Review Scores

How do I defend the fact that the website review scores are, generally, in the same vicinity?

Rant #1

What happens when I try to write as much as I can in five minutes?  It ain't pretty.

NES = Soothing
I wrote this on a whim after a fun morning of Dragon Warrior.

Duck Hunt
Why does the casual gamer have an obsession with this game?

What My Reviews Try to Do

If you want to know my review structure or are thinking about writing your own reviews, I suggest you read this.

I felt it necessary to write this when I started to put images on NEStopia.

This Site is Dead
My somewhat jumbled reflections on the news that the NES Dungeon will now go unupdated.  OSG's Response

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