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    A couple weeks ago, the thought came into my head that I had played NES at my grandparents' house out in Ohio.  I asked my parents if they ever had the NES, and they told me that my grandparents had not.  But I was certain that I remembered playing NES there.  So I went to my brother and asked him.
    He said that he also remembered playing NES at our grandparents' house.  Now I was sure that it had really happened.  The chance of both my brother and I being wrong is quite slim.
    I thought some more about it and came to the conclusion that the game we played had been a baseball game.  The one thing I remembered about it was that it had a view from behind the pitcher.
    I then asked my brother if he had any idea what type of game it had been, and he responded that it had been a baseball game.  Then, without any prompting by me, he elaborated, saying that it had a view from behind the pitcher.
    Now I was certain that I had played NES at my grandparents' house.  But my parents still didn't believe it.  They knew that my grandparents' had not owned an NES.  I asked if they had perhaps rented it, but my parents shot this idea down as well.  They didn't think that there was a place to rent games near where they lived in rural Ohio.
    A trip to my local Funcoland a few days after this got me some more games, including Bases Loaded.  I was quite interetsed to try this one out, so right when I got home, I popped it into my NES.  Amazingly, I found that I was able to hum the music that plays before the game begins perfectly.  I began to get a little suspicious.
    Then, as the game started, I saw that the basic view was from behind the pitcher.  I've found the game! I remember thinking to myself.
    What started out as a faint memory in the back of my head turned into a hunch, which then became the truth.  And, now that it's the truth, it got put where it belongs - the NES Memories section of NEStopia.

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