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Mail Box

"I love playing arcade games, and thought of this great idea lsat summer.  Everyone thought it was dumb and that it wouldn't work.  Well, I had the last laugh because I did it!  It took about two months and $200 to build.  It stands approximately six feet high, just like a real arcade game, except mine has a magnetic strip at the top to hold maps and places for my TV, two Advantage Joysticks, two Max Joypads, two NES controllers, tip books, 3-D glasses and all my magazines.  It even has holders on the side for pop cans if you're thirsty! - Will Turnbow, Cody, WY

Terrific!  We thought your ideas was very innovative, Will, and it sure looks like a lot of fun!"

If you're lucky enough to own this issue, take a look at the pic that accompanies this letter.  Now that is a great way to play the NES.
"I love reading Nintendo Power, but instead of arriving at my house at the beginning of the month, they get here towards the end of the month.  Why is this? - Jordan Kalil, Mercer Island, WA

You're not alone, Jordan.  Nintendo Power fans shouldn't expect to receive issues of Nintendo Power until the third or fourth week of the first month listed on the cover.  For example, Nintendo received the March/Aprin issue from the printer during the first week of March.  Then, it took about a week to address them and an additional two or three weeks for the post office to deliver them.  Therefore, most people received the March/April issue around the last week of March.
    Bu the way, the information in Nintendo Power is timed to be read according to the above schedule.  When the magazines do reach subscribers, all the news is current."

That last sentence makes me think that they write about things before they actually happen...
"I've been wondering some things about NES characters.  How old are Mario and Luigi?  Do they have a last name?  Are they twins?  When's Link's birthday?  How old is he?  Did he marry Princess Zelda? - Jackie Verbon, Albuquerque, NM

We wish we could answer all of your quesoitns, Jackie, but the fact of the matter is that some questions simply don't have answers.  We feel that NES fans have enough imagination to conjure up some of their own fun and interesting facts about NES characters."
Video Spotlight

"I consider myself a Power Player, and my friends agree with me.  My best game is The Legend of Zelda.  I repeadtedly defeated Gannon with the Magic Sword, so I decided to make it more challenging by using the White Sword instead.  I have continued to make the game more challenging by using weaker swords and fewer powers.

Today I can defeat Gannon using the Wooden Sword and the Blue Ring without dying in both Quests.  It is no easy task, especially in the Second Quest, but it can be done.

I encourage other Zelda fans to try this feat.  Today I start a new task of defeating Gannon with the Wooden Sword and no rings! - James T. Winch, Mazomanie, WI
"My name is Richard Rick III.  Ali Bukhari and I feel that we are true Power Players.  As an example of our achievenments, the first time we played Contra we cleaned house in half an hour with three men each.  owever, we found ourselves gaining weight from sitting around playing Nintendo.  Our situation is getting considerably better with the Power Pad.  We have improved our score in the hurdles in World Class Track Meet from 45.12 to 34.09 seconds.  We have found the Power Pad to be excellent exercise and great fun. - Richard Rick and Ali Bukhari, Marion, OH
"I think I am a Power Player or maybe just a good player.  I have conquered many games.  I don't give up, I don't get mad, I just adjust my level of thinking to the character I am controlling, get the juices flowing, and let 'em have it!  Here is my advice for people who don't think they are Power Players:

Don't get depressed over a failure: even Power Players aren't perfect.

If you ever defeat a hard to beat enemy, just remember, it's not luck but skill that enabled you to do it, no matter what anyone says.

If someone says, "I let you win," most of the time you actually beat them fair in square. - David Whittaker, Berkley, MA
Power Player Profile: Chuck "The Whiz" Burks
City: Atlanta, GA
Age: 36
Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda has been my favorite since I gotit, but Super Mario Bros. 2 is running a close second.
Outstanding Video Accomplisment: When I heard that Super Mario Bros. 2 had been released, I went to a local store.  Luckily, I got the last copy out of an entire case they had received earlier in the day.  I rushed home with my new Game Pak anxiously awaiting the adventures that lay ahead of me in Sub-Con.  This was on Saturday afternoon.  By Tuesday night, I had worked my way to World 7-2 and had located Wart.  On Wednesday morning I fed him his vegetables, and defeated him!
Other Video Accomplisments: I have gone through The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Kid Icarus several times without losing a single life.  In Nintendo Golf, I shot -12 just two days after getting the game.
Special Strategies: In Arkanoid, know how to use power capsules and even if you're not a whiz at geometry, know your angles.
If you travel, as I do, take your NES and game paks with you.  They make a welcome companion when you're away from home.

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