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Super Mario Bros.
3rd World's Strongest NES Cart competiton
Has previously placed as high as 2nd
Weight: 107 grams
Height: Standard
Favorite Event: Toss
Kaz's Keys to Victory: "If SMB wants to have a shot at this thing, it has to be very close to the top after two events.  This competition is only five events, and SMB has a chance to get down if it performs poorly early on.  That was what hurt it in the last contest."
SMB Says: "I'm rather worried about the Toss event.  In practice I've been having a bit of trouble."

Duck Hunt
1st World's Strongest NES Cart competition
Favored by the Las Vegas oddsmakers
Weight: 106 grams
Height: One mm under standard (amputated after injury during Drop event in qualifying round)
Favorite Event: Bat Smack
Kaz's Keys to Victory: "Duck Hunt is currently the favored cart, but I think that the oddsmakers are wrong.  Duck Hunt's stamina has not yet been tested; this is first competition and the qualifying round was only three events long.  Look for Duck Hunt to fade in the last two events."
Duck Hunt says: "I'm just happy to be here, but as long as I'm competing, I'm going to give it my all."

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
2nd World's Strongest NES Cart competition
Finished in last place last year
Weight: 111 grams
Height: Standard
Favorite Event: Drop
Kaz's Keys to Victory: "The drop, SMB/DH's best event, is the second one.  If it can perform well in the first event and then do well in drop, as it always seems to do, it has a shot at winning.
SMB/DH says: "I'm slightly under the weather, but hopefully I'll be feeling fine by the time the second event rolls around."

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet
5th World's Strongest NES Cart competition
Has won compeition twice
Weight: 120 grams
Height: Standard
Favorite Event: Punt
Kaz's Keys to Victory: "Because of its high weight, SMB/DH/WCTM has had a history of doing well in the final events.  If it can stay close through the first three, it can do anything."
SMB/DH/WCTM says: "I'm performing better than I did when I won the competiton three years ago."

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