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Duck Hunt

You may have noticed it already - people who don't actually own an NES but know someone who does have a strange addiction to Duck Hunt.
    The reasons for this are, as of now, unknown.  But the attraction to Duck Hunt of the casual NES gamer is obvious.
    When I got my NES, I quickly told all my friends the good news.  At least half of them had a few words for me: "Do you have Duck Hunt?"  I couldn't help but laugh at them.  Here I am, owning the greatest system ever made and a number of games as well, and they're asking me if I have a game that I could buy with the cash under my couch.
    My parents were the same way.  "Oh, do you have that game...where you shoot the ducks...Duck Hunt?"  "Yes, yes," I answered.  "And I have the gun too."
    I figured that this love for Duck Hunt would never amount to anything, but I was wrong.  When I had a friend sleep over soon after I had gotten my NES, I was eager to play a lot of NES with him.  I'm thinking, "We can have a great time, I've got two-player sports games like Ice Hockey and Tecmo Super Bowl, I've got Super Mario 3, I've got a couple good RPGs..." but none of my thoughts would come true.  All we played was Duck Hunt!
    The kid went crazy!  We must have played Duck Hunt a good three hours.  We did one duck, two ducks, clay shooting, and lots more.  Shooting from behind the couch.  Shooting with the other person controlling the duck.  Shooting behind the back.  Shooting left-handed.
    The whole time I was sitting there, thinking, "Duck Hunt?"  Don't get me wrong, Duck Hunt is a damn good game, but three hours of Duck Hunt???
    So there you have it.  I've given you the facts.  If you have any information as to why Duck Hunt is so appreciated by the casual gamer, I urge you to e-mail me
with your insight.

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