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Please note that it is now the Top 15, yes, Top 15, NES Sites.  This was done so that the list is slightly more, dare I say, el33t?

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(Edition 13)
Major movement characterizes the first edition ever done without the help of voters.  That's right - Double L has taken control.

The sites currently eligible for the Top 15 are Old-School Gamer, NES el33t,|TSR's NES Archive, Big Stu's Wonderland, Willyman's NES Page, NES World, The NES Enshrined, Loogaroo's NES Lair, NES Town, The NES Triforce, TNCA, Warrior's NES Dungeon, Simply NES, Seanbaby, Quizzle, NES Smackdown, INDB, Kid-Niki's NES Site, Spreck's NES Place, NES Retreat, AntroNES Archives, This Old NES, and Toneman's Page O' HappiNES.  Have a site in mind that deserves to be on this list.  E-mail me
and I'll see if it makes the cut.

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