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    Sounds like a pretty wimpy team, but they're actually pretty good.  Any team that is led by Saduhara Oh has to be right up there.

Toyota - He would be good, but he tries to pull everything, which makes him an extremely easy out.  Pitch him middle-outside.
Shino - You can jam him a lot, and he'll hit weak grounders to the third baseman.  He's not fast so you'll have lots of time to throw him out.
Oh - Walk him if there is no one on base.  Otherwise, throw curveballs and hope for the best.
Kagenu - If you bring any pitch inside on him, he'll hit it hard.  Live on the outside corner.
Goda - He's a sucker for the drop pitch.  If you don't have a good one, however, make sure you mix it up - two pitches in the same spot and he'll hit the second one well.
Tohoro - Like Toyota, he tries to pull the outside pitch.  Keep it on the edge of the plate and he'll get himself out.
Arai - Throw fastballs and more than likely he'll pop up.
Mori - Make sure every single pitch to Mori moves.  He'll hit anything that goes straight toward the plate.
Fuji - Be patient when Fuji is on the mound.  Let him throw you a lot of pitches, eventually he will leave a meatball right over the plate.  Then, take advantage of the offering.

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