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I Play to Win

    I try my best at everything, and I give my all with the goal being to win.  Whether it be a baseball game, school test, or neighborhood competition, I won't settle for second place.  I take this to the NES also.
    I hear people say that video games are fun, that video games are enjoyable to play.  Sure they are.  When you win.
    If you've gone to my shrine on Ninja Gaiden, you know about the Ninja Gaiden project.  I did that for one reason and one reason only - to beat Ninja Gaiden.  I came up just short, having reached the first of the three bosses but died twice.  And am I satisfied because I had reached Act 6-4, and my previous best had been Act 3-3?  Don't count on it.
    I was playing Super Spike V'Ball today, preparing to write a review of it.  I decided to try World Cup competition, which I had always been horrible at.  What ensued was a twenty-five minute contest with Japan, full of side outs and long rallies.  When the dust finally settled, I had come out on top, 15-6.  It was my first win ever in World Cup competition.  Did I waste time celebrating?  Yeah right.  I went right on and played against Italy.
    After taking the first two points in that match, I quickly fell to 2-7.  The game seemed out of reach, as I had had trouble spiking.  But was I about to give up?  I fought back and won a couple more points on serve to make it 4-7.  And then, I battled hard and there were no points scored for seven minutes.  I won one more point then, to close within two.  It seemed as though I had a shot.  Unfortunately, the next five minutes of play saw Italy take eight points, and I went without a fight, 5-15.  Although it was the furthest I had ever been, I was completely disgusted with my performace in the match and turned off the NES in a fit.  I play to win.
    Then later, I got past that match with Italy.  And then I beat Australia 15-1 and Mexico 15-0, followed by a victory over Brazil.  However, in the special match vs. the US Navy, I got obliterated.  I still wasn't happy with my performance and won't be until I beat the Navy.
    Some people say "It's only a game."  Well, if you really believe that, you're not going to be playing NES as well as you can.  And let's face it...even if you don't say it, you want to beat that game. 
    In my opinion, you have two choices...make the decision to play to win and keep playing your NES.  If you don't want to make that decision, I suggest you sell your NES.  There's other people who want it more.

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