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    I haven't yet found a site that had in-depth reviews on other NES websites.  So I decided that I would make this little page as a way of rating NES websites.  I was going to do a Top 20 NES sites thing, but, since someone else will probably do that, I figured that rating about thirty NES websites (eventually) would be good enough for me. 
    Sites are rated in a variety of categories.  The categories are originality, enjoyability, size, layout, and updates.
    Enjoyability, originality, and size all count for thirty percent of the final grade.  Size makes up the final ten percent.  The site with the best final grade is given 1st, the next best is given 2nd, etc.  The update grade is totally seperate from the other categories.  The most updated site gets a 1, next gets a 2, so on and so forth.  If a site is dead, it gets a D.  If it is in limbo (due to extenuating circumstances, the site has not been updated recently), it gets an IL.  The update grade is in parentheses below.  All ratings are my personal opinions, so don't get mad if your site is given a poor grade.  I'm entitled to say what I want, and if you want to bash my site, that's fine with me.
    A site is reviewed by a couple sentences on each of it's major sections. At the end, there is a paragraph on each of the five grading criteria, explaning why a site got a certain grade.

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