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NEStopia was last updated March 25th, 2001. For details, see What's NEW.
VERY IMPORTANT: I'll be the first to admit that this may just be a bunch of hot air, but I am considering recontinuing NEStopia. The number one reason: all of you, the visitors who continue to read my work. Despite the fact that no updates have occurred in nearly a year and a half, about 400 visitors per month continue to care; and NEStopia's lifetime hit total is nearing 10000. My schedule is just as hectic as ever and I stress that I cannot promise anything, but I would sincerely like to recontinue updating this site, if it is at all possible. So what can you do to help out? Two things: first, tell all of your NES friends the news. Get on the NES message boards, send out e-mails to the webmasters of other NES sites, whatever. I need a little bit of publicity for this comeback tour. Second, shoot me an e-mail to show me how much you care. The more feedback I receive, the more likely I am to bring back NEStopia. I don't really have time for a hyperlink, and quite frankly I forget all this HTML stuff. So here it is, ziggers86@aol.com.
The Song of NEStopia
is currently from Clash at Demonhead.
Tired of remembering the long URL of NEStopia? No more brain-racking - thanks to NameDemo, NEStopia can now be accessed from 8bitnes.com
Correction. Funcoland will not stop carrying NES games. This news comes to me via a Funcoland employee. For more info, check out the Funcoland section.
The Top 15 NES Sites is no longer public, I will do it myself a la Duderanch back when NES Offline hosted the Top 20. It's unfortunate, but it had to be done - there have been no voters as of late.
It seems to me as though the number of quality NES sites is decreasing, due in part to the fact that sites go down, and no new sites seem to ever sprout up. Last update I told you about two new promising sites, EmuNation
and Royal Ranger's NES Site. Well, this time I have a third one to tell you about. LKooNES (from NESCN) has started a new site called The NES Interlock. Go check it out!
I've decided not to expand to Super Nintendo games, at least for now. Why should I broaden my scope when I still have yet to sufficiently cover my initial topic?

Questions or comments? E-mail Double L, NEStopia's owner.

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