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Lauren: Woah...long, LONG time since I've updated this peice-o-junk... o_o
Jen: Well if you stopped procrastinating you would be able to update this place more and get more people to come! -_-
Azusa: I agree with Jen on this.
Lupe: I wouldn't be talking if i were you Azusa.. >_>
Jen: and neither should you! your both as bad as her!
Azusa and Lupe: *heads hang low in shame* Sorry oh mother hen! *they all take off running for thier lives*
Jen: gr...neways there may be some new stuff up...hell if i know. *takes off using her super speedy little legs to try and catch them*
Azusa, and Lupe: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLP!!!!!!!!!
Lauren: I miss all my friends back at Jose L.G. Rios. Love u all! Hurricanes rule!
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