Another Gundam Wing Crazed Fangirl Site
Lauren: Hi and welcome to my site!
Lupe: But you do share it with us right?
Jen: Of course she does!
Azusa:right anyways, I think we should introduce ourselves and tell our lovely visitors what to expect from this place.
Lauren: Okie then, I'm Lauren the web mistress!
Lupe: yeah if you actually have the right to call yourself a web mistress for this peice-o-junk!
Jen: That's Lupe, very obnocsious, and I'm Jen.
Azusa: She's the sarcastic one. I'm Azusa.
Jen: The lazy one. *glares at Azusa*
Lauren: *snickers* anyways, on here are some of the drawings i actually managed to scan as well as some pics i got off the net.
Lupe: My drawings too!!!
eryone: *gathers in a huddle and whispers then turns to visitors* ENJOY!!!!!
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Lauren: Okay, I'm in the middle of updating this place so if there are some problems forgive me. plus i cant really get any pictures up so i'm workin on the fic/poem part of this place.
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