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This is no ordinary Dana International Site, Biography Portfolio site etc site , it is a site about Dana, Myself (Zana The Elohim Life Form :Danielle) and other topics of interest as well, I do hope you enjoy this unique site with all its unique features. However there are something's that this site contains, and has a right to exist.


1) Transgender, Transsexuality, Gender Variants, Intersexuality, Sensual art

This site contains information for the transsexual, transgendered and intersexed community, and Dana and myself are transsexual women. If you have a problem with the subject of Transsexuality or think its absurd or crude then you have a problem and it is not the problem of this site, or me or the people I discuss here. If you don't know what it is I suggest you click the "TS/Gender - X" link where the sub-site will give you a good description of what it is all about.


I will not accept any emails or comments that are negative to the subject. I have parents who don't agree of what I am and they kind of pushed me aside in some sort of way or another because they believe I am going to go to hell or something of the sort. I do not want any negative comments about transsexuals in a negative way. If you don't like Transsexuality please don't complain to my web host and ask for this site to be removed, as Transsexual girl/woman has the right to exist as much as you do. This site does not contain pornography of any kind, but please note that my art and photos do contain nudity and artistic sensuality, a description of sensuality is listed in X- Zone / Zana's elfin philosophies. If you don't like them, be mature enough to move along please,  By the way Michael Angelo drew nudes. And all the women in the Poser program open up as nudes, and you have the choice to dress them up or not. In Short , if you have a negative problem and trying to be funny , just buzz of and bother someone else... most of all lots of all learn to love...


 wonder when I look at life, and you may see.
Its leaves has weaped over mystery.
Its dwellers don't understand what they fully see.
Unravelled grass can lavender bloom.
Unravelled forests can lead path to desserts of doom.

For hope has a place in your loving heart.
For hope has a place in a loving heart.

When winter returns, and makes life hard times.
The air evenly flows, through your ocean tides
One hope, one place may end or it may start

Yearn to Love, and learn to love and you may dream
And if it should leave may your love have wings and be free.
Then search your heart, there is more to see
When hope is full, your heart is free.

Many roads in life are long and dull, and hard.
Let love rise and never let it depart.
Let hope have a place in your loving heart.

May love wash away your tears and make your heart free.
May love make new hope, new dreams and fantasy.

2) Copyright :


Please note that some material I obtained from references, largely to back up my words, credit is given in the references on each page, if references were used.

Zana Material: (Elves, photos of Zana, Zana logos and website layout images)


Please note all the graphics of this site are copyrighted to Danielle C lamb / Zana Nei Chan /Zana International. You may not copy and redistribute the images of graphics made by Zana, You may not copy and print the images made by Zana for the use of profit or gain of money, but you may for personal purposes. You may not copy and add the Zana graphics onto your site without my permission, if it is for commercial purposes. However you may copy art and graphics to your hard drives only and if you wish to "remix" them please ask for permission, due to ethics of use, as I disagree the use of them to hurt, harm a living sentient or creature. You may keep my work on CDs, Floppy Disks as back up. You may not alter them without my permission. If you get an email from me with links to my music tracks , you may only keep them for listening purposes only, and for sharing but on condition those who share do not sell. You may not sell and redistribute them on the market without my permission, however you may remix them, but please do not sell the remixes.

In a short summery : YOU MAY NOT COPY AND SELL MY WORK, only keep for collection purposes only, when you back up my work I appreciate it as you never know , anything can happen. DO NOT ALTER OR CHANGE MY GRAPHICS without permission OR USE THEM COMMERCIALLY AND ESPECIALLY DON'T EVER EVER USE IT FOR A BUSINESS SITE !!!If you want to use the images for your personal sites please email me for permission and you don't need to buy them. If you own a business/commercial site and sell things on the site and want to use the images , please email me AND You must pay me for the images used.





The Raelian Symbol, and The Prophet Rael's Words


The spinning Raelian symbol (Swastika in Star of David also Galaxy ), was given to me by special friend in Israel, who is a Guide of the Raelian Movement, I edited it to be transparent. If you freaked out by the symbol presuming I am a Jew-Nazi, it is older than then the planet Earth itself, for more info please the site and read Intelligent Design, if you don't understand. Discovering the Raelian Movement was the biggest discovery of my life since it helped me a lot with my identity, who I am and possibly why I am here, and some of my questions had been answered. However some of my thoughts and including my symbol and philosophy in life had been similar to his, which I now discover was from the Elohim and how they coincided to an 85% ratio had been amazing. I feel more is yet to come in the future along this path that is positive, bight, exciting and glowing with love and light.

To add:

From Rael's Intelligent design "The Above is like that which is below is the Star Of David, and the Swastika is that everything is cyclic, that the top becomes the bottom and the bottom becomes the top, and the origins of the creators and there sentients are similar and are linked. To get more accurate information in detail about the symbol, Rael and Raelians please click the symbol

Dana Material: ( Official Dana International: )


The Dana International Material such as images/photos you may use as I have obtained from several sites, friends and collections from friends and collections from the past , and you free to distribute and share among friends. They are for promotional purposes only and the spread the awareness of Dana International across the Planet, and it was my personal pledge. Dana International, she needs to be wide spread around the planet and not only Israel.

3) Web Site Stuff:

Site Properties:

This site is best viewed at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels , using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE Engine) in a Windows XP environment. How ever it is compatible for all systems including the Macintosh, Linux and others with many browser types such as Netscape Navigator, Fire Fox-Mozzila, Opera (Gecko Engine) , but certain things viewed might be not showing properly.



I cannot guarantee what is linked off this website, and please take note that what's on site and what's off-site. Before looking into copyright aspects of the site if you unsure.



4) Web Site Scripts:


Please not not all of the scripts on this site I compiled from scratch, I used scripts from resource sites to save time and effort. If you feel hesitant about a script, right click on the page , next to a button on the gizmo on the page and select the source of the page the gizmo is in, and in the source you will see the original creator of the modified script, in notepad or the text window that opens from the browser.




   If you have any questions about copyright in regards to the website such as a thought of a possible copyright violation please contact me via the contact details so that we can discuss it like sentient beings:



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Please not that these reclining Elfies were done by Magdalene Marie as a birthday gift to me in 2003, as a portrait of me and my elves. Because they are cute, and I love them so much, and they an original portrait of me I decided to use them as my mascot. She is an excellent artist as well and focuses more in Anime, and I have learned allot from by just looking at her work. Please visit her deviantart gallery:. These are the only Zana web art on this site design that was not done by me.

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