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Welcome to the magical world of Zana, where reality is fantasy, and fantasy is reality. Come follow the elves into the wonderful world of Zana, where they can show you lovely things you never see on Earth, beautiful sounds including the beautiful voice of Dana International (Sharon Cohen) from Israel, who sings love into our Elvin hearts, captivated by her sound waves across the galaxy. We elves of Zana also provide help and information on Transsexuality, and provide solutions based on the life of Zana, the elf who lived on Planet Earth for those who are suffering without treatment provided by the Earth Government. We also provide information on all sorts of other things, such as where science combines with fantasy, and explain that UFOs are just transport devices for us to travel through space, like you travel in cars to different towns… And we will tell you our stories which you will normally hear on the opposite side of the Milky Way’s arm of stars, and most of all we will teach you how to love, love each other for ever, so that Earth may one day be a planet of peace, like our very own home… But its not going to be easy, since Zana, the key, unlocked unfortunate things because of more than a few people did not understand her or loved her… so most of all Lots of Love, and Spread your Love, true love around the Planet.  (Z), Site contains data on Elves, Dana international ,personal and Transsexual Stuff and more..((^_^))" + With all the goodies that would make you happy and jump around for joy l !!!^+ Love, Hugs and Kisses !

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