The Venus Project


Venus, a la Dooney

Dedicated to exploring the potential of Mei Pieh Chi's character, outside the Next Mutation universe.

I'm mostly interested in the style of the 2003 animated series at the moment. I'm designing her look, and later I'll have some polls for input on her story. For more detailed information, check out 'Why?' below.

Help me out with her design!

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For those who haven't seen The Next Mutation.
'Official' Material
Not related to Saban's show, that is.

February 21, 2012
!!! I am an idiot. I had no idea Webring had archived my site. I've been looking (admittedly not very hard, I hate website shopping) for a place to put the site up again since Geocities went down! It was only during a Google image search that I stumbled on my own artwork, which led me to this URL. Sure enough, here's my site sitting here smiling at me. o.0 So... yeah. This place needs crazy updating, obviously, and a couple things got lost in the transfer, looks like. But hey, I guess I'm back in business. :)

November 10, 2007
Nothing new, per se, but I really ought to be mentioning that I'm still alive, and haven't forgotten this project. I found the need to regroup a bit, after the fifth season was cancelled and the sixth turned out to be... weird. I've personally seen the fifth season, and there are things I'd love to incorporate, but I'll have to write out a synopsis of the episodes, or something, if I do that. This may inspire a content poll. I'm planning another poll for mask color/style in a bit, using the top five colors from the current poll.

I realize that the placement of the first two polls on this page is wonky in browsers other than IE, but I've yet to figure out why. In the meantime, I apologize for the tackiness.

Speaking of tackiness, I've cleaned the spam from my guestbook. Sorry about that...

The letters page works again, if you've been trying to access it lately.

I've been very surprised at the results for the "Origins" poll.  Separate incident, then?  I'll have to come up with a way for you to give me some ideas, 'cause I don't have much of a clue yet.
Just a note: if you pick the first choice, it doesn't neccessarily have to go exactly the way her original story did (how likely is it that Splinter would just happen to miss the female, for example?  Eh... not very); I'll set up subsequent polls based on the consensus for this one.

Vote away!


Vote on Venus's  mask color! NOTE: Not working at the moment. I'm keeping it here for a placeholder. I'll see if I can revive it.


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