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Find out about the different areas of Hyrule, and what's in them.
Most places have a shortcut picture on the right side of the Hyrule page.
The Temple of Time is east of Hyrule Castle. Use the Ocarina of Time to warp to another Zelda site.
The Shadow Temple is where Ganondorf hides. Find out about his servants in this area.
The Deku Tree remembers older Zelda games. He can help you with LOZ.
See if I will link to your site.
Death Mountain
Death mountain is a dungeon similar to the LEVELS from The Legend of Zelda. There are a few secret rooms and brick formations to find. If you find a secret room, send the room number* and a description of the room to me. If you recognize any brick shapes in the dungeon, identify the shape and send the room number to me. Please DO NOT read or write walkthroughs of this dungeon, because it will spoil the whole thing. If you find any secrets, I will post them here.  Zelda spelled in bricks, a skull made of bricks, or "Secret is in eye of Skull will not count as a secret.
* The name of the page. this is "lonlonranch", and a room could be called "40".
I'm using my friend Yoshida's e-mail for now.
David found 3 secret rooms and 1 secret brick shape!
his page: http://www.geocities.com/nintendoloer/home.html
Erik found 4 secret rooms and 3 secret brick shapes!
He also found 1 secret brick shape in the advanced dungeon!
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