Click on part of the picture to go to that place. The pictures on the side are shortcuts. Some areas are only on the map, and the only way to get to Ganondorf is the picture on the side. If you don't know where to go, visit Malon at Lon Lon Ranch to learn about Hyrule.
ENTER AT OWN RISK! I get kicked of the Internet when I visit this page. Maybe with a better computer...
Lon Lon Ranch
The Ganondorf section has been having some problems, so I won't be updating it any more.
What do you think of this site?
ZELDA ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 18, 2008
Well, here it is: my ancient Zelda site. As you can see below, the most recent updates (the only ones new enough to be dated) are 3 years old. So this site doesn't have much of a purpose anymore. Still, you can check out the dungeon if you want (click the cave entrance above).
Or some cel-shaded pictures made in Paint (click the castle). Or any other halfway-functional features of this site, if you can be entertained by them (wait... are there any?).

*I will list your name and web page in Lon Lon Ranch if you find the secret areas of the Death Mountain Dungeon.
*After you finish the first dungeon, you can
try the advanced dungeon. there's a lot more stuff to find.
The text on my site is kind of messed up. I don't know if it will ever be fixed.
I added some TWW enemy art that should have been in the art section right from the start!
I am making a Zelda game similar to LOZ, but with turn based battles.
Maybe I will link to it here.
When the game has enough in it, it will probably appear at
There are already Zelda games by others there, so check it out.
Go to to get the files needed to play and make RPGs.
* Don`t forget that
the Ganondorf enemies section is ruined.
It could mess up your computer and freeze it. It's probably just a problem with older computers.

November 2005 updates... (finally!) or something like that (not much of an update
* This site isn't much, and I don't think I'll be updating often.
Because of that,
I'd like to direct your attention to what can't be seen at any other site.
#1 The Death Mountain Dungeon has become the main feature of this site.
Click on the square cave near the top-right corner of the map to get to it.
#2 You can see Zelda pictures I drew in the Hyrule Castle section.
#3 I discovered some weird Game Genie codes for the original NES game
by entering random letters. See the codes in the Deku Tree area.
* When I put up a new Hyrule map that I had drawn, it caused slowdowns and loading errors.

I've been thinking of rescanning, resizing, and putting up that  picture
Don't expect anything, though. Even if it works, the textures might be really bad.
When I said "textures", I suddenly thought of polygon graphics. Hmmmm...
I haven't done much with the Zelda video game, but I might just put it up the way it is.
I noticed that one section of the OoT walkthrough seems a little... weird.
Remember that when I talk about Iron Knuckle, I'm
not using those *s to replace bad words.
That represents the number of hearts Iron Knuckle takes off. (just in case anyone was wondering)
That box below this section is a list of things people have said about the site.
There's only one thing right now, but I think someone sent another one
maps and walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda
walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
What does this site need?
It needs more walkthroughs!
It needs Zelda art.
Go for 100 Zelda links.
character sections
Fix up that enemies section.
new layout (I'm changing it right now, so please don't choose t
all of the above
It's already cool.

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