Who We Be
The Mozlezed Crew started the summer of '99, in a small room in a basement with four kids lounging around The name 'Mozlezed' was born from David S.'s addiction of creating random graffiti and tags. Later the name was shortened to 'Mo6' where '6' represents the letters after 'Mo' in 'Mozlezed.'
The Mozlezed - Origins
Throughout middleschool and freshman highschool year, the Mozlezed became friends, partying and kickin' it in the Bulkey Valley. Coincedentally the Crew became work partners, hired on as a Landscaping team for Janik H.'s father's (RIP) agricultural establishment, Robin Creek Dairy.
This site was originally designed to represent and give a bit of reach to another two of the Basement Kid's homebrew DJ and electronica hobby; Janik H. and Emmett T. Tyler G. was the party animal who supplied Janik and Emmett with thier first gig at one of his many dope house parties.
Who We Be
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