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The History of Onrey     Onrey is one of the oldest countries in the Land of the Winds. Its population consists mainly of Onreans but in the cities near the borders there are of other nationalities. Onrey has an outlet to the sea of Kalvir and is surrounded by three countries ockrea, Bain and Loreyn Zen.
    The Onreans are of different built and the color of their eyes and hair varies. There are tall, short, black- haired, blue- eyes but most commonly they are medium, with dark auburn hair and black or dark brown eyes.
    They are not a nation of war, hey have never attacked their neighbors for neither land nor money but they are not a nation that can be conquered easily as well. Onrey has a well- trained army and its compulsory for a man that has reached the age of 21 to be trained for 2 and a half years and then to choose if he wants to study of an armyman or for something else but in case of attack he and everybody else is to respond to the orders of his High general. This applies for man at the age between 23 and 43.
    Women are also trained in the army but for 1 and a half-year and though it's not compulsory. Almost half of the Onrey women army- trained. In case of war their job is to protect the villages and towns, the children and the elder population. Some of them can choose to continue their training and to become even High generals.
    There is a special division in the army called the Keepers of Honor. Their job is to protect the capital city, Kaltamer, the Palace and mainly the royal family. They are not only trained to use the bow, the sword and the spear as the regular army but also if something happens to the entire royal family- to take charge of the army of Onrey.
    The Onreans love the Earth. They adore her fruit and simplicity. Most of them are farmers or craftsmen and very few- magicians- only one of a thousand has the Ability to learn. Both men and women are blessed with the Ability and they are trained by the elder magicians in the town of Dei' riel.
    Onrey is ruled by a Queen and a King who live in the Palace in Kaltamer. the succession falls to the first born child no matter a boy or a girl. When the moment for marriage comes they have the right to choose who to marry- a commoner of a royal as long as he/ she is an Onrean.
    The Queen is usually called the Silver Rose and receives the title in a special ceremony lead by the Queen- mother- the previous Silver Rose, when she gives birth to her first child. Along with the title she receives a medallion- a silver plate in which a little golden rose is engraved. She has to carry and protect it until it's time to perform the same ceremony with her daughter or her son's wife. The Silver Rose usually either receives some magical gifts or is born with the Ability. Many of the Queens were equal to their husbands in battle strategy and sword mastering.
    Onrey's capital- Kaltamer is built upon the river Onorene that splits it into two parts. The city itself is spread on more then 15 square mile and is the biggest in the Land of the Winds. In the year of the Snake, 121 years after the great Weaking a Conqueror by the name of Tomvil began to ravage the Four Lands and after taking control of the other three-The Land of Fire, Water and Earth, the entered the Land of the Winds. Onrey was the country that gathered the others and under the control of King Martin the Great, the United Army succeeds in defeating the enimy.
    Exactly a 100 years later an Army of Darkness raised from the Forbidden Land of the Spirit and another massive slaughter began. Once again Onrey was the one that stood on their way and had a major role in putting them back where they belonged- the Forbidden Land. Another 1000 peaceful years passed, disturbed with everything else but a major war and Hovur the Blackhand reached and conquered the Land of the Winds helped by the savage people of the Fire. This put on end to the rule of the royal family of Hovur killed every single member of it. He left in Onrey a great number of his Black Fingers, a well- trained army division and a Council to rule the country. By that time almost 90% of the army is killed and they are very few Keepers left as well. One of them- Zackren Vasckal is the only one that has survived the Last Battle. The story of Onrey is told through his eyes and the future of Onrey is in his hands.

Everything is still to come...

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