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Audrey visits Ethiopia, Turkey and South America for UNICEF.  She also presents the "Danny Kaye Childrens Special" alongside Roger Moore something she douse every year untill 1992.

Audrey travels to Central America representing the interests of children.  She travels to Bangkok and Bangladesh for UNICEF.  She also makes her last film appearance in Steven Spielburgs "Always".

Audrey performs concerts for unicef reading sections from "The Diarys of Anne Frank" the film of whitch she had previousley turned down as she found it too emotional.  She also travels to Vietnam for UNICEF.

Audrey appears before congress to urge a boost in the amount of aid given to Africa.

Audrey travels to Sumalia for UNICEF,  she says "I walked into a nightmare" the contry is in total chaos.

On the 20th January Audrey Hepburn dies.
Audrey Hepburn 1929 - 1993
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