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Thanks for visiting our family page. We were a Home Educating family and if you would like to learn more about our reasons behind choosing HE, please visit our Home Education pages.

Unfortunately we can't take personal email requests for help and advice about starting Home Education anymore, neither can we respond to Media requests for interviews.

We are no longer Home Educating and my daughter is now well in to her late teens and pursuing her career goals. She plans to be a Beauty Therapist working for an Airline/Cruise Liner and eventually wants to teach.

We have chosen to leave this web site active so that others may find help and links that may be of use to them. For any direct responses to any questions you may have, can we suggest that you join one of the mailing lists mentioned.

I would like to thank everyone that has left a message in our guestbook and sent emails in the past.

If you are considering HE, then I hope you have as much fun as we did and make many new friends.

Thank you


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