Our Road Trip with the Puppies

When the pups were 8 weeks old, we loaded them, Jessy ( their Mom), Molly ( Jessy's Mom), Honey and ourselves into the motorhome and set out for Mobile.  We left one evening and spent the night at a campground. Early the next morning while putting out the pups, Molly cut a gash in her side on the door corner! Upset, but nothing to do but go on to Mobile. We  dropped  Molly off at our friend's veterinarian to be sewn up, then on to the friend's house to check in with her.

All turned out well, we picked Molly  up that afternoon and enjoyed the day and evening walking the pups, looking at them and thoroughly dissecting their good and bad points.

Next morning, our friend and our troop loaded up and went over to Gail and Bill's house across the bay. Gail and Bill are our newest extended family by virtue of purchasing one of our "dog babies". We got some cute photos of the pups enjoying themselves on the bay.

Bruce, Gail & Molly
Molly, Honey & Jessy
Ooooh, check out the neat smells!
great sand
Really neat stuff, this sand.. great for playing
making new friends
Making friends with Bill
Honey plays king of the Hill up above the bulkhead
ick,wet water
Ick, wet stuff!
blue boy
Hmmm, this tastes funny.
What's down there?
"Jungle dog" hiding behind driftwood.. poses to pounce!
Mobbed by the pack
A beach beauty strikes a pose.
Worn out, it's nap time!
A tired puppy is a good puppy!
To dream the dreams of our genetic ancestors....
Aren't they  angelic when they are asleep!
Even the big dogs were ready for a nap......... ->


Next morning, we packed up and headed for home - minus purple collared puppy - she stayed with Gail and Bill to rule their lives and give them lotsa love   in return.

Jessy's Pups

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