Watercolor of the Ridgeback puppy is 
courtesy of  Kalahari Rhodesian

Jessy's Kids!
Our puppies have grown up and will be two before long. We hope you enjoy the family pictures..
Here's a 3 generation pedigree of the  pups and pictures of the Parents.

Our Road Trip! - with eight weeks old pups.

The Family Album - Page One

The Family Album -Page Two

The Family Album -Page Three

The sire of the puppies is Ch Ketaru's Deja Vu JC, CD, TDI - aka : Christopher. That's him on the left top and the head shot. These are photos of him at 7 years of age. The dam is our own Jessy, pictured above.

We are quite excited about the pups and they are keeping us quite busy.

Dinner time! The proud Mama dog and babes

Puppies at 1 week of age
Pedigree of Jessy's Babes

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