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Tim Shults & Tee Reed Stock Dog Trial



March 1 & 2, 2003

Judge: Mr Roy Brown

The Tim Stults &Tee Read Stock Dog Trial was held March 1st &2nd, 2003, at the HC Livestock Arena in Lawrenceburg, TN. The sheep portion of the trial was judged by Roy Brown; the cattle portion by Tim Stults. The trial sponsors included Tractor Supply Company, the Lawrenceburg Farmers' Co-op, Hobbs Purnell Oil Company, Shoney's, Kountry Kitchen, and several others. Both the sheep and cattle events were held in the enclosed arena, which was fortunate, considering that the cloudy weather turned to light rain on Sunday. Many thanks to our volunteers, without which we could not have put on the event: Gloria Atkinson, who served as clerk both days; Renee Lowery, Leslie Scruggs, and Carol Read, who helped with the entries and posting the scores; Tim Stults, Te Read, Alan Psoto and several others who handled the livestock.

Open Sheep, Saturday, 23 dogs

1st, Bill Reed with Shep, 89
2nd, Bill Reed with Kate, 85
3rd, Bill Reed with Barr, 83
4th, Connie Brannen with Trip, 81
5th, Tim Stults with Glen, 78

Nursery Sheep, Saturday, 8 dogs

1st, Te Read with Glen, 72
2nd, Dwight Parker with Bute, 66
3rd, Jerome Brandon with Spade, 64
4th, Bob Urban with Gale, 58
5th, Bill Reed with Kate, 56

Pro Novice Sheep, Saturday, 25 dogs

1st, Robert Barlow with Todd, 82
2nd, Doc Lowery with Jill, 66
3rd, Joey Judd with Hazel, 62
4th, Gloria Atkinson with Fly, 57
5th, Dan Gill with Meg, 57

Novice Sheep, Saturday, 4 dogs
1st, Renee Lowery with Jessie, 19
2nd, Wendy Pinckney with Dax, 8
3rd, Te Read with Lily, Retired
4th Te Read with Ruby, Retired

Open Cattle, Saturday, 21 dogs

1st, Bill Reed with Kate, 110
2nd, Russell Johnson with Tommy, 110
3rd, Dan Gill with Belle, 95
4th, Leslie Scruggs with Bess, 87.5
5th, Mike McElyea with Joe, 87

Nursery Cattle, Saturday, 5 dogs

1st, Jerome Brandon with Spade, 95
2nd, John Atkinson with Deal, 70
3rd, Dwight Parker with Bute, Retired
4th, Bill Reed with Kate, Retired
5th, Te Read with Glen, Retired

Pro Novice Cattle, Saturday, 12 dogs

1st, Chet Ellis with Sport, 80
2nd, John Atkinson with Dina, 75
3rd, Kyle Ellis with Kip, 65
4th, Gary Leeman with Bess, 63
5th, Kyle Ellis with Jay, 45

Novice Cattle, Saturday, 3 dogs

1st, Te Read with Ruby, 60
2nd, Te Read with Lily, 50
3rd, Alan Psoto, Kate, Retired

Open Sheep, Sunday, 22 dogs

1st, Dan Gill with Belle, 85
2nd, Bill Reed with Barr, 79
3rd, Robert Barlow with Mai, 79
4th, Robert Barlow with Meg 79
5th, Leslie Scruggs with Bess, 78

Nursery Sheep, Sunday, 5 dogs

1st, Bill Reed with Kate, 81
2nd, Te Read with Glen, 57
3rd, Tim Stults with Scot, 56
4th, Doc Lowery with Champ, 53
5th, Jerome Brandon with Spade, Retired

Pro Novice Sheep, Sunday, 13 dogs

1st, Kyle Ellis with Joe, 77
2nd, Brandon Ellis with Kip, 75
3rd, Russell Johnson with Tommy, 72
4th, Doc Lowery with Jill, 69
5th, John Atkinson with Dina, 65

Novice Sheep, Sunday, 5 dogs

1st, Te Read with Ruby, 53
2nd, Arthur Green with Scott, 32
3rd, Renee Lowery with Jessie, 29
4th, Wendy Pinckney with Dax, 26
5th, Alan Psoto with Kate, 8

Open Cattle, Sunday, 10 dogs

1st, Russell Johnson with Tommy, 105
2nd, Leslie Scruggs with Bob, 95
3rd, Robert Barlow with Meg, 95
4th, Chet Ellis with Jake, 95
5th, Leslie Scruggs with Bess, 95

Pro Novice Cattle, Sunday, 6 dogs

1st, Debbie Catledge with Pat, 90
2nd, Chet Ellis with Sport, 90
3rd, Te Read with Ruby, 85
4th, Te Read with Glen, 75
5th, Chet Ellis with Meg, Retired

Thanks to all who supported us at the trial, whether as a contestant, a volunteer, or a simply as a spectator. Please don't forget the Mid South Stock Dog Association sheep trials, to be held April 5th and 6th, 2003, at the Double B Boys Ranch, in Millington, TN, and the Mississippi Stock Dog Association sheep and cattle trials, to be held May 31st, and June 1st, 2003, in Senatobia, MS. Please contact Bob Urban at bovinefarms@y... regarding the Millington trial, and Gloria Atkinson at merryhill@g... regarding the Senatobia trial.

Debbie Catledge


MSSDA Spring Trial 


April  5 & 6, 2003     

JUDGE: Mr. Danny Schilling

The Mid South Stock Dog Association was proud to host the Double B. Boys Ranch Sheep Trial at the Double B. Boys Ranch, in Millington, TN, Saturday, April 5, and Sunday, April 6, 2003.  As always, everyone enjoyed the big well kept field, and the hay barn when it rained Sunday.  We want to thank David Marlin, of the Boys Ranch, for allowing us to have the trial once again at their excellent facility.  We would like to thank Kyle Ellis, Harold Elder, Steve Riddle, David Roberson, Tim Stults, Scott Kelsoe, Royce Bartee, and the Boys Ranch boys for handling and spotting the sheep, provided to us by John and Gloria Atkinson.  We would like to thank Jeff Evans and Trent Wilson for clerking for our judge, Danny Schilling, who was kind enough to bring us Paws dog food for our 1st place winners on Sunday.  We would like to thank Bob Urban and his FedEx team for catering the event from Post Office Barbecue, of Munford, TN, on Saturday, and Bob for bringing fried chicken on Sunday.  Thanks to Gloria Atkinson for helping with the secretary end of the trial.  Thanks to Richard Freudenberg of Fineberg Packing, and Patty Rogers of ABCA for their continued support by providing our added money.

Saturday, April 5, 2003

Open, 25 dogs
We had a three way tie for first place; the second score is the score that they got in the runoff.

1) Clyde Hall, Tip, 93/95
2) Robert Barlow, Meg, 93/86
3) Tim Stults, Glen, 93/85
4) Bill Reed, Barr, 92
5) Scott Kelsoe, Jack, 91

Nursery, 8 dogs

1) Bill Reed, Kate, 88
2) Monty Hogue, Ruby, 80

Pro-Novice, 23 dogs

1)Monty Hogue, Satch, 89
2) Harold Elder, Craig, 85
3) Brandon Ellis, Kip, 79
4) Sonya Craig, Mitch, 79
5) Bob Urban, Gale, 79

Novice, 4 dogs

1)Tammy Essary, Dot, 57
2) Renee Lowery, Jessie, 55
3) Denise Roper, Jeb, 54
4) Jimmy Essary, Dot, 49

Sunday, April 6, 2003

Open, 24 dogs

1) Monty Hogue, Joe, 97
2) Royce Bartee, Don, 95
3) David Roberson, Pearl, 94
4) Steve Riddle, Jan, 94
5) Bill Reed, Kate, 92

Nursery, 8 dogs

1) Clyde Hall, Rob, 87
2) Monty Hogue, Ruby, 82

Pro-Novice, 21 dogs

1) Monty Hogue, Vicky, 89
2) Harold Elder, Craig, 87
3) Monty Hogue, Ruby, 87
4) Kyle Ellis, Joe, 83
5) Sonya Craig, Mitch, 82

Novice, 1 dog

1) Renee Lowery (not judged)

Again, thanks to everyone involved in making this a successful event.

Debbie Catledge
Mid South Stock Dog Association
Memphis, TN 


USBCHA Sanctioned Trials



Cedar Classic II Trial 



CEDAR CLASSIC II - March 22-23, 2003

Open & Nursery Judge: Clyde Hall

Results from Cedar Classic Stockdog Trial Lebanon, TN

Trial Results


Jubilee Stock Dog Trial 



Jubilee SDT

 May 9,10 & 11 2003 

at Brimfield, IL

 To get a copy of the entry form,
please go to the LOLBCA website.

Mike M. Schragel

Twin Oak Ranch Trial



Murfreesboro, TN

April 12-13, 2003 @ 7:00 AM, CDT

Twin Oak Ranch Results

The seventh annual Twin Oak Ranch Trial held in Murfreesboro, TN  on April
12-13, 2003 was a great success.  The weather was just perfect, with the
temperature in the 70's and blue skies all weekend.  Over 60 dogs went to the
post each day.   A tremendous thanks goes to all of those who made the trial
a success and especially to Missy Carvalho, who kept things organized and
running smoothly.  She not only kept things moving, but found time to prepare
a delicious meal Saturday night. A HUGE thanks goes to Carol Ann
Bailey-Thokes for her excellent judging and to John Thokes for all his
assistance with the paper work. The guys on top, Steve Alsup, Arlis Swafford,
John Butler and Bill Hurd deserve a big thanks as well.   Clyde
The results are as follows:

Saturday  OPEN:  41 dogs

1. Bill Reed     Kate
2. Scott Kelso   Lynn
3. Mike Schragel  Jed
4. Missy Carvalho  Roxie
5. Debbie Bailey  Ben
6. Bill Reed  Barr
7. Bob Kelley Bess
8. Bruce Garlick  Meg
9. Tom Sorrells  Sam

NURSERY:  Bill Reed   Kate


1. Bill Reed  Barr
2. Red Cearley Lacy
3. Laura Rizzo  Fly
4. Roy Brown  Jill
5. Robert Barlow Meg
6. Ed Bradford  Moss
7. Angela McCrann  Jim
8. Tom Sorrells Sam


1. Tom sorrells   Cass
2. Angela McCrann  Riches
3. Terri Kirk  Lass


1. Lisa Green  Britt
2. Angela McCrann  Riches
3. Bill Hurd  Chris


1. Jim Lowery  Champ
2. Jim Lowery  Jill
3. Sand Riorden  Mirk


1. Jim Lowery  Champ
2. Randy Davis  Sam
3. Jim Lowery  Jill


Shepherd's Crook SD Trial



Shepherd's Crook SDT 

March 28-30, 2003

Trial Results



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