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Puppies Available

Please contact us to inquire about what we have available.

All of our dogs are sold with written health guarantees.
  We guarantee the following for all of our Dogs And Puppies.

  1. A dog purchased from us is guaranteed against Distemper, Hepatitis,  Parvo and Corona Virus as long as immunization is continued, per our schedule, by a licensed Veterinarian and normal care is given to the dog for (4) Four months from date of purchase.

  2. If the dog dies within (3) Three years of age from a problem related to a genetic defect, not here-to-fore called to your attention or sold "AS IS" at a reduction, the dog will either be replaced with another dog 100% or at half price according to the conditions involved. (OUR CHOICE)
    If a replacement  dog is ever required we will provide one as soon as we have one of equal quality and value available.

  3. Under NO CONDITIONS will we replace a dog, where we are not advised of its being ill beforehand, or, "put to sleep" without our permission.

We will not ship any of our dogs.
They must be pick up in person.

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