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(March 21-April 20)

If a dog under the sign of Aries lives in your house, you would be wise to ask yourself this penetrating question; "Who holds the leash in this family?" Hopefully, your immediate response will be: "I do!" From your dogs point of view this is the ideal situation. Since he was a tiny pup he has worked cleverly at developing your confidence in the man-dog relationship to the extent that you are now able to consider yourself in complete charge.

It is second nature to the Aries canine to know what is best for his "master." In the usual case it is best for the human being to feel that the dog belongs to him. Actually, in the realm of most Aries-born dogs, the reverse is the rule: You belong to the dog.

Notice how creatively this dog controls your daily activities, thus requiring a minimum of effort on his part to maintain complete authority over your behavior.  His preference for the Good Life has caused him to perfect a highly refined method of people-treatment. With tact and diplomacy, he will allow a certain margin for deviation from what he expects of you. Should you neglect his morning romp or forget to give him his tea-biscuit, he will sometimes pretend not to notice.  However, there is a strict limit to the degree of latitude you will be allowed: Make any attempt to place him in a boarding kennel while the rest of the family goes on vacation, or move the console TV onto his favorite napping spot, and you are in for some serious behavior conditioning!

Aries, the first house of the zodiac, is the sign of the ram. Stubbornness and head-work typify the dog born under this sign. His ruling planet is Mars, the warrior, and, while it is not usually the nature of Aries dog to pick a fight, he will never be adverse to finishing one, provided his opponent if of like size or (preferably) smaller.  He has a enterprising pioneer spirit, and, unless he is given the creature comforts of the house or at least provided with semi-luxurious outdoor living quarters along with adequate entertainment and companionship, he may seek the romance and adventure of The Road. Although he will make every effort to be home in time for dinner, the fact that he found it necessary to search for companionship in the Outside World should be a signal to you that his living conditions need improving. The young Aries dog can develop into fence-scaling, burrowing, trapeze-flying escape-artist of the first order. Beware that is occasional disappearing act doesn't become a life-style.

The dog born in Aries is courageous in the face of danger, but is usually clever enough to avoid it.  He is highly enthusiastic in his pursuits and deeply loyal to his humans. He is characterized in youth by boundless energy and in old age by great deal of positive thinking.

We have not neglected the female Aries dog, for she is much like her male counterpart.  Although she has a tendency to be slightly more headstrong than the male, this difference is offset by her feminine gentleness. Be doubly concerned about her Road Trips, however, for unless you have taken the proper precautions, she may surprise you nine weeks later with a whopping litter of Whatzits.

True red is the best color for the dog born under the sign of the ram.  A touch of purple is acceptable during the winter months. His birthstone is diamond.  Many famous Aries dogs sport diamond-studded collars.  Obviously, unless you number yourself among the very wealthy, your dog won't be wearing such expensive accessories this season. But take heart. Despite his keen intellectual power, your Aries dog is just as far-sighted as any other dog. He can spot a bird or a rabbit a mile away, but he has a real problem figuring out what's right in front of his face. (Which helps to explain why most dogs are nonreaders.) Therefore, (DON'T READ THIS PART TO HIM!) he can easily be fooled into accepting rhinestones as the Real Thing.  Buy him a rhinestone today!

Although the Aries dog gets along well with all of the other astrological signs, his best signs for human or doggy companionship (or even if your getting him a kitten) are Sagittarius and Leo.

(April 21- May 20)

The Taurus dog has the strongest aptitude for singing in all of the zodiac. With only a basic introduction to singing (like accidentally barking once), he will persevere on his own in a steadfast and systematic manner until, suddenly one Sunday, to the amazement of all, he will join the family picnic sing-along. While by human standards his vocalizing might be considered a bit off-key, be assured that by dog standards he is developing into a talent of the greatest magnitude. Do not discourage these early attempts at artistic expression. Accept him as a full-fledged, highly talented member of the family or you may be housemates with a frustrated baritone for many years. (Frustrated baritones sing only when the rest of the family is sound asleep.) Although it isn't necessary that you ooh and ah in marvelous appreciation of his howling, at least try to be understanding. You probably have a brother-in-law whose singing is worse. Keep this in mind and sing right along with your Taurus dog. With constant practice, you maybe able to drown him out.

If, on the other hand, you wish to your dog to develop a greater range of singing voice, try developing his soprano register. There are two ways to go about this. The first and most highly recommended is for you to develop a soprano voice of your own. The perceptive Taurus dog will try to sing in your key. The second method is to buy a home near a fire station, hospital, or police department. The sirens will give your dog practice twenty-four hours a day; and, when you finally flip, qualified help is just moments away.

While the dog born under the sign of Taurus is faithfully devoted to his home and family, he is not above giving a new neighborhood (or new neighbor dog) the once-over. In his loveable, kindhearted way, he is cruising the competition. Be mindful, though, that despite his charming personality, he is perfectly capable of picking a doozer of a fight, and has absolutely no concept if size differential in this respect. A Taurus Chihuahua would just as soon take on a Great Dane. He is as vainglorious about his strength as he is of his vibrant singing voice.

Taurus, the second house of the zodiac, is the sign of the bull. The dog born under this sign will be characterized by inner strength and determination. Although he is basically kind-hearted, he as the tenacious ability to get you to throw the ball for him or play hide and seek with him if he's in the mood, right in the midst of the agonizing throes of your New Year's day hangover. Take two more aspirins and be a good sport. It will do no good to ignore him. He might start singing, and nothing short of the Chinese water torture could equal the anguish in store for the inattentive, hung-over owner of a Taurus dog.

His ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of love, which makes him capable of faithful and enduring affection. His loyalty will continue in spite of rebuff or neglect. He is likely to fall in love early, but will remain wholeheartedly aware of any other possibilities that come his way until very, very old age.

The steadfast, systematic nature of the dog born under the sign of the bull makes him a natural for obedience training. Whatever his breed (or combination thereof), he can grace your library shelves with handsome trophies won in obedience competition. There are just a couple of minor hitches you should know about. The first is that, in order to bring your dog to the fine level of obedience required for competition, you'll have to go to school with him and learn more than he does. The second is that, unless this is all good fun and learning together, he's not going to enjoy it very much. So don't nag or bully him. And be certain your instructions are clear and precise. Otherwise he'll take a stand, in which case you'll soon discover that there is nothing on earth more stubborn than a bull-headed Taurus dog.

Except that she loves even more deeply and can be even more determined, the Taurus female is the replica of her male counterpart.

The ideal color for the Taurus dog is orchid, although some individuals within the sign show a preference for variations of either blue or pink, the polarities of this delicate shade.

The dog born under Taurus is more concerned with giving than the gift, so, if you desire to present him with a birthstone, an emerald will do just fine. For lessor occasions (All-Howl's Eve or Ruff Day) a moss-agate would be cute.

Capricorn and Virgo are the best match mates for the Taurus dog. Hopefully, everyone you know in dogdom will have been born under one of these two signs.

(May 21- June 21)

If you've ever had that sinking feeling that perhaps your dog has a better approach to life than you do, you probably own a Gemini dog. This easy-going animal has a way of turning the worst possible situation to his own delightful advantage, for the dog born in Gemini is the most imaginative con-artist in the canine zodiac.

Notice the large, expressive eyes. You, like a dope, have been out in the cruel world working your fingers to the bone all day long just to buy food for this insatiable beast. So why is it that he can make you feel so guilty for eating a steak in his presence that, in order to enjoy your meal at all, you feel required to give him every third bite?

While you were out slaving, he spent the day taking it easy; he slept-in for an extra couple of hours (using your pillow); then, after the appropriate waking up exercises (two yawns and a stretch), he spent the balance of the day thinking up a way to get you to throw your steak at him tonight. You've been too busy to do much thinking-so face it, you're out classed. Hold your temper and be firm in your resolve to give him ONLY every third bite. Then make a note on your shopping list to start buying bigger steaks.

After five weekdays of clever and imaginative thinking. Your versatile Gemini dog well become restless and bored. It is time for a change. Try to avoid exposing him to drudgery or routine. Plan your weekends in such a way that your dog may enjoy his surroundings, thus refreshing his creative mind for the week ahead.

Gemini, the third house of the zodiac, is the sign of twins. Imagination and adaptability are characteristics of the dog born under this sign. His ruling planet is Mercury, named after the messenger of the gods; this influences him toward travel, charm, cleverness, and thievery. The twins, a double sign, can cause mental problems when their influences conflict with one another. The Gemini dog with a mental problem is a nervous, overactive canine incapable of intense concentration required of an artfully conniving confidence-dog. If you notice schizoid symptoms expressed regularly in your dog, a trip to your neighborhood doggy psychiatrist is in order for both of you. With professional help, the source of the difficulty can be discovered and corrective therapy started before it is to late. It will not be necessary to bring your dog except to the first of these therapy sessions.

The true Gemini dog can make muddy tracks all over your newly waxed kitchen floor, and, with the exuberance typical of those influenced by his astrological placement, convince you that it was the fault of whoever opened the door to let him in. If the prime rib that was defrosting in the sink disappeared while you rushed out to the store to buy horseradish, your dog will have you believing that it was the cat's fault for knocking it on the floor in the first place. If your prized World's Fair tapestry pillow is all over the living room when you come home from the dentist, your Gemini dog will contritely assure you that if you stayed home and kept him company it would not have become necessary for him to amuse himself with the pillow.

In addition to being able to use her eyes to a greater advantage, the female dog born in Gemini has the whole range of feminine wiles at her disposal. She is rarely so gross as to cause damage to the kitchen floors or prime ribs or pillows, and usually concentrates her undeniable talents on charming the hearts of her human associates to the point that they can deny her nothing.

Autumn gold is the best color of the Gemini dog, with brown trim entirely acceptable during the cooler months.

His birthstone is the pearl, although some individuals within the sign exhibit a strong preference for aquamarine. If you are planing to buy him some jewelry, our suggestion is that you take him to the jewelers with you and allow him to make the final decision. Try not to influence his decision by quoting relative prices of the pieces from which he is to choose, for he is far more impressed by the intrinsic values that by financial gain and could be offended by.

The most compatible signs for love and companionship with the Gemini canine are Aquarius and Libra... but, in most cases, he will be able to get along well with all comers, regardless of astrological orientation, so long as they are completely charmed by his ingratiating personality.

(June 22 - July 22)

Cancer is the home-lover. Although he has a retentive memory, high attention span is extremely short when concentrated on subjects or objects outside of his household. Thus, as you stroll together through the neighboring countryside, he may suddenly plop down at the end of your leash and refuse to budge for anything less than a full-scale brush fire. No degree of tugging or tearful recrimination will rouse him from his chosen spot until finally, in defeat, you turn homeward. Whereupon, joyously bounding, he will lead the way to your abode. There is one comforting thought; you will never get lost with a Cancer-born dog on the other end of your leash.

The dog born under the sign of Cancer is very protective of his territory. Although he has been known to take marvelous offence at mailmen, meter readers, delivery boys, and your ill tempered Aunt Minnie, he rarely leaves any physical evidence of his heroism other than injured pride and an occasional stroke. The trespassing stray kitten is routed with great gusto, but never cornered, for the Cancer canine possesses deep empathy for his fellow creatures and seeks only to defend the premises and the human occupants. (Actually, he has allowed the kitten to escape so that it can report to the Cat Monsters of the Outside World that your house isn't such a keen place to visit.)

If you own a dog born under this sign, you have undoubtedly noticed how contentedly he sleeps all day. He is conserving his energy for the next full moon. If you have had complaints from your neighbors regarding his moonlight baying, you can assuage your embarrassment with the knowledge that, even if he's the smallest dog on the block, you will never be troubled with prowlers or peeping Toms on bright, moonlit nights. Be assured that on all other nights he will sleep even more soundly than he has slept through the day.

For the sake of attention, the Cancer dog likes to do his day-time sleeping across doorways or somewhere generally focal in the household traffic pattern. Fractured ribs, broken toes, ugly lumps and blue bumps are in the stars for the unwary persons who stumble upon the warm, sleepy presence of the dog born in Cancer.

Cancer the fourth house of the zodiac, is the sign of the crab. The crab signifies a tenacious and domestic outlook. The ruling planetary satellite for this sign is the moon, which strongly contributes to the tendency of the Cancer canine to be changeable and easily influenced, and which certainly helps account for his moonlight sonatas.

The nature of the dog born to this sign is patient, sympathetic, protective, and, even in the case of the male downright motherly. He is loyal, dependable, and true. He is the ideal choice for a family pet.

Generosity is an important trait to the Cancer-born den-mother of the dog world, for despite his compulsion to protect his property from intruders, he will share it all, toys, bones, and babies, with those he trusts and admires, including the family cat.

The female Cancer dog kisses people a lot unless she's been taught not to. She can be somewhat over-protective when she has a litter of pups and will deeply resent seeing them sent off to new homes before they are at least two years old. She will have a slightly deeper appreciation for your personal problems than the male, and will listen with eager sympathy for hours while you tell her what a rough day you've had.

The dog born under the sign of Cancer has a tenacious memory and could probably do great things in obedience competition if you could cajole him into thinking of your local obedience training club as his home-away-from-home.

Violet is the color that has been found to be most appealing to the cancer dog. Although it has never been determined whether it is the hue or the aroma which is more attractive, the basic fact is indisputable: If you own a dog born in Cancer, violet IS his color.

If you have been planning to give your dog a birthstone, the only acceptable gem is ruby. No other will do. If such an extravagance is beyond your means, you can win the necessary cash by making a heavy bet with a sporty friend and his beagle: You bet that your dog will reach your house before his dog does. You've lost a friend. He's lost a beagle. But your amazing Cancer can wear his birthstone with pride.

Although the dog born in Cancer is adoring of everyone within his household and is amenable to any good friends who may visit, Pisces and Scorpio are the ideal signs for him. Keep this in mind when puppy-time comes around, and be sure to check the horoscopes of your mailman and utilities-meter readers. (And send Aunt Minnie a Get-Well card!)

(July 23 - August 22)

As long as he is king of all he surveys, you need not fear that your Leo dog will run away to join the circus. Although there are many famous Leo’s starring in dog acts throughout the world, most canines born under this sign are quite content to reserve their entertaining for family, friends, and the community veterinarian.

In addition to being a natural comedian, the dog born in Leo has a definite flair for the dramatic. In the more sensitive breeds the simple process of getting him his rabies shot will elicit a display of the entire gamut of canine emotion, an experience which can cause the most patient of veterinarians to consider early retirement.

The Leo dog can build an impressive repertoire of tricks if you will take the time to teach him, and he will love to perform for your guests. You may notice, however, that when "on stage" he will take certain liberties with what you've taught him: With the cleverness born of true acting talent, he may roll over when you tell him to sit up, leap into your arms when you tell him to speak, or fetch your slippers when you tell him to lie down. Do not be alarmed. Bow deeply each time your audience cheers, and be warmed by the thought that your dog has a greater knack for showmanship than you do.

It may be inconvenient for you to take your Leo dog with you wherever you go, so you will need to weigh the psychological factors involved in leaving him at home without an audience for extended periods. If you cannot buy him a constant and appreciative companion such as a doting Sagittarius Siamese cat or a fun-loving Aries Afghan hound, consider employing a professional dog-sitter for such occasions. A forlorn and lonely Leo is a trial to come home to.

Leo, the fifth house of the zodiac, is the sign of the lion. The dog born under this sign is characterized by an aggressive personality and proud, dominate energy. He is generous and trusting because he can well afford to be, and will sometimes give three wishes to the good Samaritan who removes a thorn from his paw. His ruling planet is the sun, the center of our solar system, which accounts for his need to be the life of the party and the focus of attention. Most Leos like to sunbathe on beautiful mornings, often lying on their backs for brief periods to assure complete absorption of solar energy. It should be noted by the concerned owner, however, that too much sun can make your dog very brittle-tempered. A cranky Leo is impossible to live with.

Leos usually make good show dogs, often winning their championships almost solely on personality. If you Leo is of undetermined parentage, don't hesitate to enter him in the Halloween Dress-up Contest at your local park. Whether he wins or not, he'll love it!

The lady Leo is much like the male except that she tends to be a bit of a nag, rather domineering in fact, and though her nature is not out-and-out stubborn, she can be quite argumentative. The wise owner is best advised to have a good reason for absolutely everything.

The only thing bigger than a Leo dog's ego is his heart. As great as his need for public acclaim, this dog adores his master above all else. He will lavish affection on you when he is in the mood, and will seek your attention on the same terms. You will notice that this mood rarely occurs in the middle of a curtain-call, so be prepared to wait patiently until you are both home from the pub, or all of the guests have departed. Then in warm privacy, your Leo dog will tell you what a wonderful human personality you really are.

A brilliant, sunny orange is the most attractive color for the dog born under the sign of the lion. During the winter months the basic shade may be muted to a warm burnt orange, and the trim may extend to as strong a tint as royal purple.

Although the diamond and the ruby are commonly accepted as the birthstones of the Leo dog, you can easily disprove this outmoded concept. Buy your dog the gaudiest, most baubled, bedangled costume necklace you can find. Oh joy! Oh rapturous joy! A finer gift hath no canine e'er received. If, for reasons of social status, you wish to make a big impression on your acquaintances, a similarly garish adornment of diamonds and rubies will be equally appreciated by your dog.

The astrological signs most conducive to a compatible life-long relationship for the Leo dog are Sagittarius and Aries. If, by some quirk of fate, you weren't born under one of these signs, do not despair. The gregarious Leo is capable of loving everyone. But most of all he loves you.

(August 23 - Sept. 22)

If a confident and affable Taurus fox comes creeping up to your henhouse some dark night, your otherwise-discriminating Virgo dog will probably show him how to open the latch, and then wait patiently for foxy to come back out to play. When, in the cool light of dawn, the feathers have settled and brier fox has long ago gone to his lair, your dog born in Virgo awaits your beloved presence in downy splendor with his heart on his sleeve. If he were a Gemini dog you might be correct in assuming the worst. Alas, poor Virgo! The planetary emanations cause him no end of trouble.

As precise and logical as the Virgo dog may be, he is also easily influenced. You have trained him to be gentlemanly toward your guests, but his astrological atmosphere requires strong discrimination of him. As a result, your nervous, dog-hating Cousin Nelly may stomp out of your house with a run in her hose, whereas the likeable, casual burglar will be shown exactly where you hide the goodies.

Despite his zodiacal problems, the Virgo canine has a great deal of intellectual acuity. His ownership need not be restricted to confidence men and lady wrestlers. He is an industrious family dog and always makes a concerted effort to do the right thing, most of the time with outstanding success because of his meticulous manner. It should be noted, however, that this dog does have a wee tendency toward fickleness. If you've chastised him in front of your guests during the evening and he's not around when the good-byes are being said, you would be wise to check the cars of guests before they leave. Most visitors consider it unethical to keep their host's dog on a permanent basis, so good etiquette requires that you locate your pooch before visitors depart, thus sparing them the inconvenience of returning him.

Virgo, the sixth house in the zodiac, is the sign of the virgin. Obviously chastity should be one of the virtues of the dog born under this sign. Don't count on it! In a recent study of ten Virgo dogs, there was found to be no significant difference between their behavior towards dogs of the opposite sex and the behavior of a control group consisting of ten non-Virgo mongrels. (The eighty-nine non-Virgo puppies resulting from the latter experiment have all been placed on individual suburban farms and, so far, not one fox has successfully raided the chicken roost.)

The true virtues of the Virgo dog are industriousness and logic. Given a task of some importance, he will finish it with dispatch. Many canines born in Virgo are asked to fetch the morning paper. Sometimes, as in the wake of a raging windstorm, or after a pack of wolves has raided the vicinity, and torn all papers to shreds, he may have to make several trips to collect it all, but be assured that, even if he has to borrow the sports section from your neighbor, you will have the entire paper to read when he is finished.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo. The Mercurian influence varies in intensity, but strongly affects the intellect and the nervous system. (These planetary emanations were undoubtedly very weak when your dog showed the fox into the chicken coop.) Everything we have said so far applies in equal measure to the female dog born in Virgo. She is somewhat fussier about her appearance and her diet then her brother, and she can be a bit of a prude when things don't suit her, but, in general, she has the same methodical, discriminating approach to life as the male.

The well-dressed Virgo Dog wears chartreuse. Magenta trim offsets this color nicely but is by no means a necessity. Monograms are IN for Virgos this season, but don't embroider all of his outfits, as it is more than likely that they'll be OUT by next season and you would have to buy him a whole new wardrobe.

The correct birthstone for the discriminating Virgo is the sapphire. One particular variety, the star sapphire, will make a handsome solitaire adornment attached to your dogs regular collar for everyday wear. For formal occasions you may wish to consider something more elegant, such as a double strand of mini-sapphires interspersed with sparkling diamonds on a 14 carat gold chain. Be sure to offer soft drinks to the two detectives you'll need to hire to watch your dog at this formal affairs. If such a purchase is beyond your means, you will be pleased to know that there are many perfectly happy Virgo dogs who wear no jewelry whatsoever.

Capricorn and Taurus are the most compatible signs for the canine born in Virgo. Keep this in mind when selecting a playmate or spouse for him, and even when approving a casual date for Saturday night.

(Sept. 23 - October 22)

If your Libra dog sides with your spouse after you've had an argument, you can be fairly certain (unless your better-half has been slipping him goodies under the table) that you were at fault. The dog born in Libra has a fine sense of fair play and a real talent for mediating family squabbles. He rarely takes sides. He can be particularly useful when you and you spouse are not speaking to each other. With carefully balanced sympathy, the Libra dog will sit between you so that communications can be made by addressing remarks to him.

Although he possesses a variety of abilities, the Libra dog has immense powers of concentration and usually prefers to specialize in one particular field. Many Libras are highly efficient one-way Retrievers. They show great dash and zeal while going after an object such as a ball or newspaper, or, in the case of sporting breeds, a game-bird, whereupon, after capturing the object, they will consider that they have performed their specialty. While you wait empty-handed, your dog will disappear over the far hill -- ball, newspaper, bird, and all -- no doubt looking for a handy tree.

Others born under this sign have been known to concentrate their abilities on such refined areas as flea-training, window-nosing, and in the taller, long-tailed breeds, coffee table-clearing.

When the Libra dog is not concentrating on his specialty, he is capable of complete relaxation. He works and relaxes in spurts. Usually, his relaxation activity will involve twenty five minutes of dead sleep. Nothing sleeps more contentedly or sonorously than a dog born in Libra. A herd of rampaging rhinoceroses could crash through your house without awakening him. (And the way he snores, they probably wouldn't wake you either!) Soon he will arise, refreshed, and ready to return to some all-encompassing private project.

Because of their gentle good manners and consideration for others, along with their natural tact and diplomacy, Libra canines make excellent pets for ambassadors and statesmen. As guest greeters they are unmatched in all the zodiac. The tail-cropped breeds are first-rate bottom-wigglers, and even the tail-waggers are capable of developing big, toothy smiles. Just remember to remove those tail-high coffee tables while you are entertaining the delegation from Xandia. Hot tea in the lap can ruin even the best of foreign relations.

Libra, the seventh house of the zodiac, is the sign of balance or scales. The canine born under this sign will have a strong sense of honor and a keen, well-balanced mind. He will be alert to life, but painstakingly analytical in his approach to it. In matters of diet, the Libra diner counts calories carefully and will often prefer hearts of romaine lettuce to chateaubriand.

Venus, namesake of the goddess of love, is the ruling planet for this sign. Thus, there is a strong influence toward matters of the heart. The Libra dog that doesn't fall in love forever is destined to fall in love often. Deep sincerity will characterize each of his many affairs, but his wisdom and mental soundness will not allow him to grieve for more than twenty minutes over a break-up. He will usually prefer his permanent pal to be a being closer to his own level of intelligence, such as one of the humankind. The Casanova qualities of the male Libra are not evident in the female. Although she may take advantage of temporary opportunities, she will be thinking always of her first and dearest love. As a mother she is understanding, loyal, and strict. Her fun-loving nature enables her to enjoy her puppies to the fullest extent.

Indigo blue is the ideal color for the dog born in Libra. A soft gray is the most pleasing shade of trim and is acceptable for summer or winter wear, though most Libra dogs prefer to go coatless during the warmer months.

Two birthstones are available to the canine of Libra birth: the opal and the diamond. Of the two, the opal is by far the better choice. The versatile diamond is worn by many Leos and is also the birthstone of the Aries-born dog. Many dogs born under the sign of the ram are passing off rhinestones as diamonds this season. Therefore, in addition to the confusion of being mixed-up with another astrological sign, the suave, diamond-sporting Libra dog is likely to be though a fraud. In order to avoid having all your windows scratched by persons testing your dog's diamond, we suggest you buy him opals. At least there will be no doubt that they are real. And no one can deny he's Libra.

Because of his analytical mind, the Libra dog gets along well with all deserving individuals regardless of astrological affiliation, but his best signs for a compatible and permanent relationship are Aquarius and Gemini, preferably both.

(October 23 - Nov. 21)

You've thrown a big bash at your place; so this morning you awaken to the usual mess right? WRONG! From somewhere in the depths of your throbbing head comes the realization that something is missing. All those half-full cocktail glasses are bone dry and not one stale potato chip mars the view. Lo, it is your dog that is missing! You won't need to look very far. He's still in bed sleeping it off. Hail, Scorpio! Just about the time you have the mess straightened to the point where you can take two more aspirin and sit down with a little pick-me-up, he'll join you - all sunshine and smiles. Try not to be jealous of the fact that he doesn't have to contend with a hang-over as a result of his over-indulgence. Let him have a few slurps of your hair-of-the-hound and resolve that, after the next party, you will clear away the glasses before you go to bed.

In addition to being an admirable boozehounds, most of these dogs are proficient swimmers. The only Scorpios who don't like to swim are those who have just had their hair done and those who have been thrown in to swimming pools at wild parties.

The dog born in Scorpio can be flagrantly independent and, at the same time terribly possessive. Such paradox is peculiar to Scorpio. In all the zodiac he is the only canine who can make you feel that Everything Else is more important than you are, and still give you the undeniable sensation that he is center of the universe and Everything Else depends, finally on you.

The Scorpio canine is demanding, opinionated, and gregarious. He will make his likes and dislikes very apparent to you. He will rarely develop a taste for carbonated beverages or beer, and will often indicate his displeasure with an hors d'oeuvre - splattering sneeze. He will show a preference for martinis, but no interest whatsoever in olives or onions. Manhattans are IN, Cuba Libres are OUT. If you want your dog to enjoy himself thoroughly, keep this in mind the next time you have a cocktail party.

Scorpio, the eighth house of the zodiac, is the sign of the scorpion. Basic traits of this sign include strong environmental control and definite ideas. The ruling planet for Scorpio is Mars, named for the god of war. This canine likes to picture himself as a lover, not a fighter, but he prefers the pure joy of brawling to the fruits of victory. If he's just a little guy, he'll pick the biggest bruiser on the block for a tussle, or, be that big bruiser lady dog, he'll choose her for a fiery affair. Almost every mixed-breed dog has a swinging Scorpio in his pedigree.

The female Scorpio dog is an expert at the put-down with males as well as females, humans included. She is even more determined about how, when, and where things should be done than is her opinionated brother, and, although she dislikes fighting in any form, loving is second nature to her. It can be stated with a fair degree of accuracy that a large percentage of illegitimate puppies produced in this country last year were products of unspayed Scorpios. If you are the owner of such a Scorpio female, the shame is almost entirely yours. If it is not within your power to keep all of the progeny, it is your responsibility to find loving homes for each and every one of these pups, regardless of their astrological sign. Consider the use of the appropriate horoscope to endear each pup to the future owners.

The choice of color for the Scorpio dog is brilliant blue-green, the brighter the better. If you desire a trim or reverse lining, the proper color is red. Do not be swayed by the artificial claims of sly sales personnel that blue OR green is acceptable hue for the Scorpio canine; be resolute in demanding the astrologically correct shade, a prefect combination of sky blue and ocean green. For sporting occasions, you might consider a plaid combining both colors with a fine offset line of red. We know a Scorpio Scottie named Heathcliff who wears this plaid even for formal affairs. On him it looks good. But for most dogs, this solid blue-green dinner jacket with red piping and a red bow tie is appropriate for the poshest of soirees.

In the selection of a tie tack or necklace for your dog you will need to consider his birthstone, the topaz. The pale yellow variety of topaz is most highly recommended because of it's delightful reflecting tendency when worn with a blue-green ensemble.

Cancer and Pisces are the ideal signs for mating and lifelong companionship for Scorpio. Your influence in matters of the heart may be greater than you think, for, presented with no other possible choice, your Scorpio dog just might go along with your decision for once.

(Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Hound, terrier, or lap dog, Sagittarius is a hunter. If he is a house dog, he'll stalk mice, or even ants; if he's a sporting dog you better teach him the difference between rabbits, birds, butterflies, and old newspapers. Many dogs born under this sign achieve fame in field trials; others become great tennis ball shaggers and gopher-getters. No matter what his field of endeavor, the Sagittarius dog loves sports and seeks vigorous activity even into the ancient age of eleven or twelve.

The dog born in Sagittarius is happiest in the back-country or on the school grounds at lunch hour. He is an expert at invading girls' field hockey games and is unsurpassed in chipmunk chasing... not catching, just chasing. He's always a good sport and, having run one rabbit to it's burrow, will impulsively change direction in restless hope of stirring up another.

The impatient Sagittarius is insatiably curious. He will test the basic laws of nature with scientific relish. If you own such a dog, you have undoubtedly watched him verify the fact that gopher holes do not go clear to China. Be prepared with first-aid measures should he decided to conduct an experiment proving that bees really do carry honey.

If you are not a jogger, it is time you considered the advisability of becoming one. The canine born in Sagittarius can be exasperating if he is required to take his exercise at home, often to the detriment of your rugs, furniture, and landscaping. Once around the block with him in the morning and evening and you'll be in prime shape and also work off some of that extra energy of his.

Sagittarius, the ninth house of the zodiac, is the sign of the archer. The ruling planet is Jupiter, and it exerts the most beneficial of all planetary influences. Dogs born to this sign are friendly, appreciative of others, and cooperative. Sincerity and sympathy are also prevalent in the Jupiterian nature. These dogs are honest, charitable, and well liked, with cheerful, winning personalities.

But, lest you think you've got a natural-born Boy Scout four footing it around your house, let's take a look at the negative side. Sagittarius canines tend to be wasteful. That's really the only negative thing, just being wasteful. So watch it with the litter, and keep a big shovel handy. Needless to say, the advantages of owning a Sagittarius dog far outweigh the disadvantages.

The canine born in Sagittarius is a good sounding board. If you have a personal problem, you would be wise to check it with your dog before you go whining to your best friend. This dog of yours is a fine listener and possesses, therefore, the prime qualification of the adept psychiatric counselor. You can be sure that he will not, under any circumstances betray the confidence you have in him by divulging your secrets to his best friend (or yours).

The female Sagittarius canine is a ditto of the male. But lives for the day when her pups are old enough to be ushered around the backyard. She is an able teacher and will analyze and demonstrate all of the important skills for the brood. Hole-to-China Digging rates high on the list of basic techniques, along with Wet-Place-Rolling, Cookie-Crunching, and Grasshopper-Grrrrousing.

Sky blue is the color for the dog born in Sagittarius. The hue must be pure and true. No trim is necessary. For the male dog a white necktie is a striking accessory for the too-too occasion, but it is doubtful that such a fol-de-rol will be appreciated by your dog.

The birthstone of the Sagittarius dog is the turquoise. A Zuni necklace with stones set in hand-wrought silver would be wild enough to impress your kookiest friends. Your dog couldn't care less. So, when vacation time rolls around this year, it's New Mexico for you! Besides being a prime source of turquoise jewelry, it's a fantastic place for mesa and cave exploring, and you dog will enjoy the trip a whole lot more than the receiving of his birthstone souvenir.

Though the canine born in Sagittarius is amenable to all signs of the zodiac, there is one sign he can hardly resist: his own. Since this sign is the most beneficial in all of astrology, what better combination than Sagittarius with Sagittarius? Other possibilities are the two fiery signs Leo and Aries. The gentle archer has a great appreciation for those influenced by these dynamic signs, for they offset his tractable nature with their strength and showiness. Consider these possibilities when looking for a mate for him or even when assigning him a temporary roommate.

(Dec. 22 - January 19)

Once the Capricorn dog has accepted the fact that there is nothing he can do about his birthday falling so near the holidays, his moody periods should become shorter and less frequent. Some Capricorns go into a blue funk on Christmas Eve and won't come out of it until after New Year's Day. Luckily, most of the others are able to solve the problem completely by pretending that all the holiday reveling is in their honor.

Although he is very adaptable, the Capricorn is a city dog at heart. He thrives on bright lights and busy sounds of civilization. To be certain he enjoys that wilderness camping expedition you've planned, take along at least twenty mod friends, a five-piece combo, and his best girl-dog friend. Better yet, rent a pent-house for a month. Of, if your vacation budget is limited, consider the possibility of spending two-thrilling weeks in a cold water flat. The pure, fresh air and gentle silence of the pastoral countryside weigh heavily on the lungs and ears of the smog-breathing, city-loving Capricorn.

The dog born to this sign is intellectual, reserved, and ambitious. He is an avid social climber, eagerly awaiting each opportunity to advance his status. The Body Beautiful rates high on his list of goals. The average Capricorn canine spends two and one quarter hours per day on self-improvement and absolutely adores trips to the doggy beauty salon. He takes great pride in his physique and will exercise independently, rather than have a mere bellboy take him for a walk. The suburbanite is even more active, often taking as many as four jogs around the south forty each day purely for the sake of figure-control. He wants to look his spiffiest on Saturday night.

Capricorn, the tenth house of the zodiac, is the sign of the goat. The dog born under this sign will eat anything, so be sure that you remove the dog food from the can before you serve him. His ruling planet is Saturn, named in honor of the god of harvest, which in addition to influencing his industriousness, reserve, and moodiness, induces a tendency to glean tidbits from the trash bin. His best day of the week is Saturday, which helps to account for the appearance of so many country-born Capricorns in the big cities on Saturday nights.

The unfortunate aspect of Saturn as a ruling planet is that it can create an atmosphere of insecurity and jealousy, so if you have other pets, be sure your Capricorn canine is getting his fair share of attention. He will usually demonstrate resentment over feelings of neglect by strewing the entire contents of the trash container throughout your home. If he chooses to indulge in such need-gratification by eating from the trash can without your knowledge, the evidence will become apparent at "Poop-Scooping Time". Although the aesthetic appeal of the task is undoubtedly, enhanced by the introduction of foil-wrapped fecal matter, it is unlikely that the special packaging process involved is healthy for your dog. Therefore, at risk of curtailing his opportunity for self-expression, we suggest you keep the trash where your dog can't get at it.

The female dog born under the sign of the goat is a welcome addition to any tea or bridge party. In adulthood her social finesse is highly refined, and she is capable of developing a genuine taste for watercress sandwiches and ladyfingers (the baked variety). She is the ideal power-behind-the-throne. Her driving ambition can thrust you upward to unbelievable social heights if your credit rating is strong enough.

Tan is the most beneficial color for the studious Capricorn. No thing of ostentation is offered by this shade, which qualifies it, therefore, as the most socially smart of all hues. Should a coordinating color become necessary, money-green is the favorite of most of these dogs. Since the opinion of the majority is law to the Capricorn, keep this in mind when selecting his next outfit.

The birthstone of the dog born in this sign is the garnet, a semiprecious stone, which will make a nice addition to your dog's collar on his first birthday. On succeeding birthdays, as you become more affluent, status-symbol diamonds of increasing size may be purchased to offset the original garnet.

If, in order to remedy his periods of melancholia, you decide to buy your dog a playmate, DON'T get another Capricorn! Two in the family would almost be impossible to keep up with. The most favorable astrological signs for the Capricorn canine are the Taurus and Virgo. And, whether it's a hamster or an aardvark, be certain you don't pay more attention to your new pet than your old one. (Some Super-Scooping will await you, should you transgress.)

(Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

When you have allowed your Aquarius dog to run loose, and he comes home with five displaced kittens, one lonesome burro, and a couple of lost chipmunks, you shouldn't be surprised. Aquarius is the humanitarian. He is always ready to offer a helping paw to fellow creatures that are worse-off than he is. Take two tranquilizers and feed the whole gang a nice, big dinner. Plan to keep Rover home until you've returned this batch of foundlings to their original abodes or, failing that, found loving homes for each of them. Obviously, one of the primary prerequisites for owning an Aquarius canine is that you be a humanitarian yourself.

Aquarius is the truth-seeker. He can devote an entire Monday morning to the scientific pursuit of watching ants work or women hang out the wash, probably deriving some significant theory in the process of such research. In accordance with truth seeking, he is honest to a fault, always ready to admit to his indiscretions. Often, when falsely accused, the brave Aquarius dog will own up to the sins of others, perhaps by mistake rather than through generosity.

Some dogs born in Aquarius are prone to exhibit what is technically referred to as "The Chicken Little Syndrome." These animals tend to indicate that the sky is falling ten or twelve times during each twenty-four hour period. The trigger for this reaction is usually another dog's woof, a cat's meow, or, on some occasions, merely a pin dropping. The alarmist qualities of these dogs can be tempered, but the treatment involved on the part of the owner is a total commitment to at least six months of cause-avoidance and response-correction therapy. The happy result is a dog that is much easier to live with, but that will not bark for any reason, even if the sky IS falling.

Aquarius, the eleventh house of the zodiac, is the sign of the Water Bearer. The far-sighted owner of a canine Aquarius will have a doggy door installed in his house or apartment so that his dog may have immediate access to the out-of-doors should the watery situation demand it. In addition to his toting talent, this dog has a real knack for getting wet. The Aquarius dog that is deprived of a swimming pool will gleefully gallop through mud puddles, garden sprinklers, and fish ponds, then find great joy in shaking a shower of spray all over your guests. (Some garden party hosts make the drinks a little stronger in anticipation of this diluting eventuality.)

The ruling planet for this sign is Uranus, named after the sky god of Roman mythology. Individuals under its influence are imbued with honesty and amiability and are thus blessed with popularity. Uranus also has the effect of provoking catastrophes and unexpected strokes of good fortune, which may help to explain how the Aquarius canine can be in hot water one moment and riding the gravy train the next, but certainly doesn't explain how he could think the sky would be falling while the sky god Uranus remains on the job.

The dog born in Aquarius is an artful quitter and will almost never pursue a dispute to the point of physical conflict. Although this instinct makes him a rather poor fighter, it contributes strongly to his desirability as an amiable family pet. Authorities have extolled his peaceful personality and easy-going nature to create a serious oversale of the Aquarius puppy quota in the major cities year after year. At this point in time, it appears that next year's waiting list will again stretch from here to there.

There is actually very little, if any, difference between the temperaments of the male and female Aquarius canine. Unisex has always been an Aquarius philosophy. Your choice therefore can be based entirely on whether your personal circumstances would best be suited by a lady dog or a gentleman dog. Except for occasions when it is necessary to be one or the other, the Aquarius dog couldn't care less.

Vibrant, electric blue is the color for Aquarius. Pure red is the ideal complement. Psychedelic prints mixing these brilliant hues in patterns of wild surprise are very IN this season, along with Indian blankets and peace beads.

The birthstone of the dog born under the sign of the Water Bearer is amethyst. A collection of these gems strung in alternation with love beads would make a handsome gift for your loving Aquarius friend.

Although the Aquarius dog loves everybody, there are two astrological signs whose members find it easier to cope with him. Libra and Gemini have the strength of character and intestinal fortitude required to make a good life with the too-too-nice Aquarian. If he brings home with him any strays born of these signs, you might be wise to consider permanently adopting them.

(Feb. 19 - March 20)

Pisces is the most mystical sign in the zodiac. Canines born under this sign often possess strong extrasensory perception. The dog that howlingly indicates that he senses his master's death or peril while hundreds of miles away, and the usually friendly puppy that shrinks, bristling, from a apparently genial confidence-man are under the influence of this mysterious gift.

The Pisces dog is a gentle, unassuming dog. He is highly sensitive to others and communicates well with his eyes. Although he tends to make snap judgements of situations and people, he is rarely wrong. (When he makes a snapping-judgement, the victim almost invariably deserves nipping.) If your aura is appealing to him, he will immediately set out to develop a strong relationship with you. He enjoys being scratched around his ears or stroked on his chest and will sometimes roll over on his back to show how implicitly he trusts you. Once this trust is given, he is your friend for life.

Because of his keen and uncanny sense of what is happening elsewhere, he will often have a far-away look in his eyes. Although he may jump convulsively when you interrupt his wandering thoughts, he will usually tell you with a flurry of tail-wagging that he'd much rather be with the real you than the ethereal spirits of his daydreams.

One of the unfortunate aspects of owning a Pisces canine is his tendency to be accident-prone. There will almost always be some health problems: If he hasn't caught his tail in the screen door, he's chewing at a terrible itch on his left front paw. When he gets over that, he'll probably get a foxtail in his ear. You may as well face it; if you want a dog with mystical talents, you'd better be prepared to pay the vet bill.

Pisces, the twelfth house of the zodiac, is the sign of the fish. Of the two fish present in this sign, one is depicted facing one way, the other in the opposite direction. Consequently, the Pisces dog seems to have two paths available to him at all times. The resultant confusion can cause the animal born under this sign to be shy, retiring, and torn with conflicts. Conversely, this constant opportunity for choice can cause him to develop tremendous strength of character. In the usual trend of events, the dog's owner may find himself going and coming at the same time trying to resolve the confusion.

The ruling planet for this sign is Neptune, named after the god of the sea. Neptune influences mysticism, dreams, and love of water. The Pisces dog is an inveterate swimmer and would breathe water rather than air if he could. Many of these dogs dive like loons. As a matter of fact, it was an ancient Persian watching his Pisces dog perform loon-like swoops deep into the water who remarked that is was acting loony, but his aptly descriptive expression somehow became distorted in translation and has come down to us with a altogether different meaning.

When your Pisces-born dog barks at nothing, the shivers that run up and down your spine should tell you that he's barking at something you can't see. Warm your quaking heart with the thought that if you can't see IT, maybe IT can't see you. Then go have yourself a couple of stiff shots and a long hot shower. Hopefully, by the time you've dried off, your dog will have succeeded in exorcising the ghostly interloper.

The female dog born in Pisces is more practical than the male, who tends to be a bit of a dreamer. She usually has more emotional strength (which isn't saying a whole lot), but might take up tippling if you leave the bottle open on a spooky night. As a mother, she will pamper and adore her puppies beyond all reason, and will often communicate with them through E.S.P.

The most appealing color for the gentle, tender Pisces is lavender. Any of the hot or warm tones, from yellow-orange to deep purple, will make a striking trim. Due to his innate shyness, the Pisces canine is happiest in strong and unusual color combinations; those hues which will make him most noticeable to individuals who may need his devoted friendship and silent counsel.

While the blue-white moonstone excites the imagination of the dog born under the sign of the fish, the blue-green brilliance of the aquamarine reminds him of his love for the water. Before you both set sail on the island-hopping cruise you've planned, you might surprise him at the dock with a lavender birthday collar lavishly encrusted with both his birthstones.

Although your Pisces is a friend and confessor to all, he needs a down-to-earth astrological aspect in his home. There are two signs which can provide this necessary influence, Scorpio and Cancer. Occasionally a Gemini will come along who can give a Piscean dog a strong base of support, but this is very rare indeed and shouldn't be counted on. However, with dogs of either of the two ideal signs in attendance, your Pisces pooch should have all four paws firmly on the ground.

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