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First, the  TITLE HELP  I am writing about is if you received NO title from the seller and only a BILL OF SALE.  If you have received a TITLE and it is in bad condition ie: defaced or otherwise incorrect, there are forms in most states to correct this problem.  But, when you only receive a BILL OF SALE or FREE VINTAGE CAMPER with nothing, then this creates various problem getting a legal TITLE for your vintage camper.  These problems will vary as well, depending on what state you bought the camper in and what state you want to TITLE it in.

There has been some talk in the group at various times about getting a TITLE for a vintage camper. It seems, as I said, it varies with states and some seem to be nearly impossible to get a LEGAL title for a vintage camper.   There have been suggestions made by group members as to how to go about getting a LEGAL TITLE. Seems what worked for one person, it may not work for another person. I think this kind of relates to the state you may be trying to get the TITLE in and maybe even the state where you purchased the vintage camper?  The ideas that have been mentioned are on the Serro Scotty Vintage Campers Resources Page and you can read them there. 

I am trying to give some more insight and ideas here that may help you get a LEGAL TITLE for your vintage camper with the least hassle. I spent some time going through the PA Dept of Transportation web site looking at various forms that may relate to getting a TITLE if you have none and basically I came up with a lot of nothing.  Because the FORMS that were for replacing a TITLE that I looked at, all asked for a TITLE NUMBER. Hmmm, if you have NO TITLE or received NO TITLE, then you probably have NO TITLE NUMBER. I can understand if you had a TITLE and lost it you might remember the TITLE NUMBER and it is on the registration card in PA.  But, if you got NO TITLE or NUMBER then seems this is where the big problem begins. Part of this problem is because of legal issues, some of which are: was there a LIEN on the camper; is this a stolen vintage camper; so you can see legally why some states may make this a very involved process of getting a LEGAL TITLE for a vintage camper.

Now, I did look at the form for a RECONSTRUCTED - HOMEMADE trailer that may be a way to get a TITLE if all else fails, but remember this is in PA.   Part of what this form requires is (4)pictures  -  the front, rear and both sides with no references to a production trailer. So, there may be some wiggle room here. To me a RECONSTRUCTED trailer means  you started with a production trailer?  But, when you reconstruct it to get a new TITLE  you can't have any logos, trademarks or others items that would relate to the production trailer, right?  Kind of seems that way to me.  So, my question would be:  if you stripped the trailer down to the frame and then RECONSTRUCTED it, left off any emblems or other items relating to the production trailer, would they  issue you a new TITLE?  Now, I am only putting this here for your information and I am not condoning whether this
is LEGAL or would work?  But, I guess you could always add the emblems later, if in fact you did this and got a new TITLE.  Would this be any different than going through a process like, selling the vintage camper to someone in another state to get a TITLE and then register it in your state? Or, if someone gave you a TITLE for a similar vintage camper that has seen better days and has since been destroyed and used it for yours? Seems these ways would LEGALLY be questionable.  But, if it works and you get a TITLE and REGISTRATION PLATES, then likely your problems are over. 

So, seems these ways to get a LEGAL TITLE for a vintage camper may work, but may be questionable too. This is the link to the PA Motor Vehicle Web Site  -  Which you can search through the various forms and information as I did and maybe you can find something else that can help you?  If you are in another state, just do a search for trailer title or dmv, etc and it will get you on the right track to search for information in your state.  There are web sites that do this kind of work, but they have no connection to the particular state - so beware of what you are getting,  if you go to one of those web sites.

I hope this can be some added help in trying to get a LEGAL TITLE and REGISTRATION for a vintage camper you acquired with NO TITLE or REGISTRATION.  Good luck and if you find any other ways to get a LEGAL TITLE for a vintage camper, please let me know so it can be added to the Title Page.

by Larry Bush - 4. 10. 2008 

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