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If you are looking for Replacement parts(new) for your vintage camper, you might want to check this web site  ALL-RITE replacement parts company.  They have been mentioned by a couple people and carry an assortment of parts, like doors, windows, parts, etc.  I took a look at the web site and this is some info they say:

Welcome to All-Rite, the leading manufacturer of RV repair parts for the aftermarket.

Serving the public since 1975, All-Rite has set the standard for service in the industry. We will continue to provide only superior service to our customers, who have come to expect nothing less.

All-rite offers:

    * Custom Manufacturing
    * 24 to 48 Hour Product Delivery
    * Flexibility
    * Extended Business Hours ( 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
    * Friendly, Knowledgeable Sales Staff
    * Commitment to Your Satisfaction
    * Willingness to build ANY product for use in ANY industry!

So, check their web site for anything you are looking for and if you find any other place please let me know so it can be listed here.


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