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2 0 0 7   N E W   B E G I N N I N G

In 2007 we saw the beginning of a new era as the Serro Scotty was re-born !  Yes the aqua and white Scottys are back. An Amish company in Ohio named Yoder Toter began making them.  This is what their ad says about the new Scotty's:

"The Serro Scotty camper. Can be pulled with any SUV or even the average car. Hand built by Amish craftsmen. Large dual - locking  side entry  doors with  screened, tinted,  glass-sliding windows. Interior features birch wood walls, ceiling, and overhead storage cabinets. Lockable rear hatch  opens to  a  full hardwood  kitchen,  complete with  doors and drawers  -  allowing ample cooking space. Safe, dry and comfortable sleeping area.

2 0 0 8  N E W   F A C T O R Y

I understand the 2008 Scottys will be built in Indiana for more capacity. The mfg of the Scotty's did switch from Sugar Creek OH to Elkhart IN for the 08 & 09 models. The new factory is doing an outstanding job  as they will be able to produce more units per day. This is from Bill Kerola - Kerola Campers and is a dealer for the new Scottys.

"Bill @ Serro, Scotty Worldwide here, to answer your questions on the Serro Scotty construction- the 2007 had 1/2" plywood with a darco underbelly. The new 2008 15' highlander is currently IN production and it is awesome- we reworked the interior and will offer them with a full sized bed in the rear (54" x 78") a shower/restroom combo , A/C , heat, hot water, microwave a host of features and two interior choices. To answer the floor question the 2008 floors are 5/8" composite board (trade name Advantac) and is water resistant with a darco underbelly. I am going out tomorrow to pick up the second proto-type unit. I do have some pictures from the first proto-type and will be updating the scottytrailer.com web site in the near future with new pic and stats, we decided to be patient with the 2008 models and did not rush development.

Here are the '2008' - Scotty 13 and 15 foot model
13' serro scotty15' serro scotty

2 0 0 9  N E W  H E I G H T

" UPDATES  FOR  2009  FROM  Bill Kerola "

" Part of the 09 changes (aside from the front toilet) was to raise the clearance just a hair. This did make an improvement in height but also added exterior height. To make a long story short the 09 Sportsman height is 91-1/4" which translates to 7.6". Sorry for the confusion and we will correct the brochures on the next printing.

The mfg of the Scotty's did switch from Sugar Creek OH to Elkhart IN for the 08 & 09 models. The new factory is doing an outstanding job and I am very glad we made the switch. I will be at the Tin Can tourist rally May 14-17 in Dearborn and also at both of the Scotty rally's in PA (june & july). There will be two units in Dearborn (HiLander & pup) and possibly three at the pa rallies. We are already working on the 2010 models."

2009 Serro Scotty
2009 scotty

2 0 1 0  N E W  M O D E L
Silver Series Sportsman - retro style

  :  Bill Kerola, president  of Serro Scotty Worldwide - added 12.04.2009 "

When one thinks of vintage travel trailers, one name almost always comes to mind..Serro Scotty. The original campers were manufactured by the Serro family from 1957 to 1997 when a tragic fire struck the factory. With a vision that a small affordable family camper was needed, Serro Scotty Worldwide was formed. Bill Kerola, president of the new company, has always had a love of camping and rebuilding the new Scotty was a dream come true.

Serro Scotty Trailers were first displayed at the 2006 Pennsylvania RV Show and filmed by HGTV's RV 2006. The Scotty's have also appeared at Trailer Life's "The Rally" in Perry, GA and the Pittsburgh RV show in 2007, 2008 & 2009. Because the blueprints had been lost to the fire, original Serro Scotty's were purchased and reverse-engineered in order to build true-to-form campers. The problem with copying a vintage design was that they needed a modern interior to go with them. The newest Scotty- the Silver Series Sportsman is also now available. Not a Scotty original design but a retro style.

Serro Scotty's have been successfully manufactured and marketed through a dealer network and by now going factory direct we are able to offer a lowered price while maintaining higher quality. The new Factory Direct program offers a consumer direct discount, lower base price and $1 per mile shipping. Once again the black Scotty dog adorns the front of the camper and the traditional spirit is alive again. Through the years there have been dozens of innovative campers and RV's, but there are very few that carry the true American nostalgia like Serro Scotty.

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