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What does it really mean to travel? Who do we travel to see? Will we ever get there? What is the next step when traveling is complete? Is traveling ever complete? Why do we need to travel in the first place? Do we travel alone? Answers, suggestions, and theories lie ahead.......
Let's take a brief look at how some believe we came to be!!
Wak was the creator god who lived in the clouds. He kept the vault of the heavens at a distance from the earth and covered it with stars. He was a benefactor and did not punish. When the earth was flat, Wak asked man to make his own coffin, and when man did this, Wak shut him up in it and pushed it into the ground. For seven years he made fire rain down and the mountains were formed. Then Wak unearthed the coffin and man sprang forth, alive. Man was tired of living alone so Wak took some of his blood, and after four days the blood became a woman whom the man married. They had 30 children, but the man was ashamed of having so many children so he hid 15 of them. Wak then made those hidden chlildern into animals and demons.
The Fans are a Bantu tribe in Africa. In the beginning there was nothing but Nzame which is a 3 fold god: Nzame, Mebere, and Nkwa. It was the Nzame part of the god that created the universe and the earth and brought it to life. The gods made a creature in their image called Fam and gave him immortality. Fam eventually stopped worshipping the three and started mistreating the animals. Nzame destroyed the earth and started a new earth. A tree grew upon this earth. The tree dropped seeds which grew into more trees. The seeds that landed in water became fish and the seeds that dropped on land became animals. The old earth lies beneath this one and if one digs deep enough it can be found in the form of coal. Nzame made a new man named Sekume and Sekume fashioned a woman Mbongwe,  from a tree. These people were made with both Gnoul (body) and Nissim (soul). Nissim gives life to Gnoul. When Gnoul dies, Nissim lives on. They produced many children and prospered.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Take note that this is the first time the Holy Spirit is mentioned in the Bible.GEN 1:2). God spoke things into existence. This is one example of the power of the spoken word. It is said that the spirit moved upon the earth. This is the first hint of the trinity. God created the earth and the fullness thereof in 6 days. He created man, Adam, from the dust or clay of the earth. He created woman, Eve, from the rib of Adam. (This is important because as the rib protects man and shields his heart, so to ought man protect and shield his mate, woman.) All was fine in the garden until the sin of eating of the tree of life or tree of knowledge. They were then kicked out of the garden and sin was let loose in the world.
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