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Word from KJ has his script for V: the Second Generation getting the go-ahead from the network to be enlarged to a 4 hour treatment! This has been one of KJ's wishes since talks began over the return of his V. As he continues fleshing out his story he asks for all to "hold good thoughts"... 02 Mar 03

re-broadcast of V: the original miniseries is spotted
on SPACE Sunday 07 Dec 03 @ 2pm! (thanks James)

With the latest site addition ~ V signs begins an exploration of V's inspirations... starting at the movies...

Who is a V beauty queen?
What does a washroom have to do with V's origins?

Find out by reVisiting V's past...

KJ sends a cautious note about the many hurdles V still must overcome.
Full Story 03 nov 03

KJ and a new campaign to force his hand.
With  the launch of a writing drive to preserve yesterday's V, KJ attempts to bring V to new levels for today's world.
Full Story 18 oct 03

A new interview with Robert Englund has him talking about a new V ~ "Willie's a little older and a little balder"
more 24oct 03

More good news as KJ tells
Ilana's site it seems he's awaiting NBC's notes after delivering his first draft screenplay  18 Oct 03

Site Update   ~ for those interested in other sci-fi news from books to TV returns ~check out the Visitations column on the left. 28 sept 03

Site Update ~ new Spot Light Poll asks your opinion on the fundamentals of your Vision of V ~ have your say in the NEW column on the left. 27 sept 03

Moving Glaciers
Seems that's the pace at which NBC is moving with Kenneth Johnson's new
V. However, KJ tells Iliana's site that his outline has been approved and he is now moving onto a screenplay!  This (hopefully) says tons about the quality of his story, and the networks willingness to work with his vision. It seems a very good chance that much of his desires for a future V are getting that much closer to becoming reality! A very good thing indeed, even if it requires waiting for the end of an ice age! 24 sept 03
~Read more about his vision for
V: The Second Generation

The Series Returns
Not seen in Canada since its
original showing,
V-The Series airs on
Space! ( the Canadian Sci-fi Network)
Starting with its first episode
"Liberation Day", V will be seen on the
cable station starting Sunday 07 Sept.!!
Signs of good things to come?  This
follows in the wake of V and
V: the Final Battle airings which began
01 sept 03!
~ The moment I flipped open the
TV guide and saw the pic at right-
I had a wonderful mid-80's flash-back!
06 sept 03
~ clic the pic for
V: the series returns to SPACE
V-The Series makes a comeback!
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Sexy V
It could be said that V had both overt and subtle sexual content. With todays TV far more overt than 20 years ago, would you like the new V to...

continue with the same sexual tension!
help break even more taboos!
have less sex, more action!

If you'd like to Voice your opinions
V-related (or otherwise) with a review; a commentary; a rebuttal; a short essay or the like~ I'd love to hear from you! I'm looking for enthusiastic people to contribute to this column. If interested feel free to
email me!

TV: Returning Sci-Fi Classics

6 Million returns
Vampire bites again

Books: Hugo awards
"'s a different door than we've been through before, triggered by the notion that our world is in a different and better place..."  
KJ on his new V
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