A word is dead when it is said, some say
But I say it just begins to live that day.
Emily Dickenson

John Daut

Of all your four kids, which way does your love run.
The Special One? Which one is it, you ask now?
That's easy, I quickly reply, but guess just for fun.
There is a system parents have, you have to know how.

I know! Its easy to see, the first born is always dear.
That's always the favorite, especially when it's a boy.
No, I'm sorry you are not right, but you were very near.
The quest won't be that simple, but don't let it annoy.

Well now, the explanation's easy, it's the baby for sure.
They are always the closest, especially a little girl.
Once again you were very close, but your answer poor.
It's hard to understand, but keep giving it a whirl.

The second boy then, the skinny little introvert kid.
I know parents always have a special love for a son.
You are still very close, but now make yet another bid
The answer is pretty elusive, but you are almost done.

The answer will be easy now, as there is only one more.
The afflicted child has to be the one who gets most love.
Again you are so close to right, to say no is a chore.
As strange as it sounds you have missed with the above.

You have named them all, the whole roll has been called.
The Special One you have ask me, which one can it be?
I've called you wrong on each and you must be galled.
But, I wasn't really quite fair with my answers you see

.Sometime it's the one who needs help building a fence.
It may be the one needing some aid with a composition.
Sometime it's the one who needs help with their rents.
It may be one far from home just needing conversation.

Contrary to popular belief, they all fit the description.
The Special One is the one needing help at the time.
But they all seem to forget and then have a conniption,
When others get help and they act like it's a crime.

You're The Special One, they poke a finger at each other.
Dad does more for you and likes you more then me.
Don't be silly one says, you are the favorite of mother.
Well we know who it really is, as for once some agree .

But they all fit the specifications, the same, or close.
Now of course, some seem to fit more often then not.
But if less often they get, it's more with each dose.
When love is spread around, it's all from the same pot.


Sandra Gwilliam

May the Good Lord
Smile upon Thee.

May the good things of earth and heaven
Be heaped upon Thee.

May the blarney that ye speak--
Bring a smile to the lips
And joy to the lives
Of those around ye.

May ye find
Behind every dark cloud of sorrow,
A rainbow--
Leading to a golden pot of Joy.

Ah, may ye find
And Happiness
Forever in your life.

May ye feel the arms of God
Ever 'round Thee--
Oh, may ye always feel the Love of the Lord!!

(Aye, 'tis better than a Scotch Blessing!)
A Leprechaun 'tis comin'
To bring a bit o' luck to you--

And e'en though at rainbow's end
That pot o' gold is always out 'o view--

My hope: you feel God's blessings
And me love for you--

My wish: This poem brings
A wee smile to you.


By John W. Daut


By Don Kurtz


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