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Early Days

I have been working on my own scrapbooks of various types since I was 8 years old. That was in 1961! I am LDS (Mormon) and our Church has always encouraged us to keep journals and keep sacred things in a special binder called a "Book of Remembrance". That's how I got started. My mother and I took a class and learned what we needed to know about preparing pictures and things that were special to us for this binder. This is also when I first remember having the genealogy bug. Now, I do lots of research, am working on the family photo albums and just generally try to keep our family informed about our ancestors and heritage.

I got my first camera in 1968 and that's when the picture taking began in earnest. I try to keep up to date on current events and am working on the older pictures when I can. It's quite a job, but worth all the effort! *g*

The first pages where just 8-1/2 x14 and white. We'd put corners on a picture and neatly add a simple caption. Fairly boring, but you have to start somewhere!

Teen Years

Then, as a teenager, our church had a program for all girls to create a great book that was supposed to be more "classy" than the typical scrapbook of those days (newspaper colored paper), so they gave us a really pretty white binder with an embossed image on the front. This is called our "Treasures of Truth".

I worked on that all during Jr. High and High School. It was not a true scrapbook but a book about special events in my life. Nothing silly or cute, but more serious and important. I enjoyed working on it and included my best friends and things about my family. Since I've been married, it has been stored in the basement and didn't fare very well. The binder has been destroyed by mildew so that was one of the first things I wanted to compile into a new scrapbook using the new, cool papers and techniques. Besides, I had used rubber cement on some of the pages and I'm sure nothing was acid free!!! YIKES!

College and Early 20's

During all this time, I was taking photographs of special events in our lives. I had lots of pictures with descriptions on the back. They were placed in a photo album with the pockets so the pictures could be moved and rearranged as necessary (I didn't have the money for the magnetic albums . . . phew!) I took so many pictures of scenery and left out people that I was accused of taking boring pictures. But, I loved the photos, so the comments were ignored!

This whole photo album covers from High Graduation to when I was expecting my first baby in 1977. Now, that photo album is proudly sitting on my shelf all complete in the new scrapbook styles -- some very nice (thank you...) and some that may need reworking upon reflection later.

From Motherhood to the Present

We didn't have much money while the kids have been growing up, but I could squeeze out some film and developing money, here and there. I have taken alot of really cute photos of all of us.

One of my favorite poses is of each girl when they were pretty little (1 year or so) sleeping in the pose we call "the stinkbug". They were on their tummies and had their cute little tooshies up in the air! I'd like to share the pictures of the pose with the world but I don't know if I will. Sometimes there are rather "interesting" people who prey on pictures and I don't want to "feed" that habit. So, to keep on the positive side of things -- I'll add things that seem "harmless" and avoid the problem. *g*

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