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Welcome to Leslie & Jeff's Page

6-11-2000 Our New House

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Greetings !! Welcome to Jeff and Leslie's page formerly known as Pink Floyd and Emma.To all those still questioning or confused yes we are finally together. know it's a night I will never forget. We decided it was time to set up our webpage, one we have worked on on together to let you know a little bit more about us. Many of you know us very well already for you this may give you more insight into who we are and what we believe. For those among you who haven't had the pleasure of making our acquaintance yet - so happy to meet you. Feel free to come and learn more about us and our friends. Of course we also welcome your comments and feedback to please sign our guestbook or email us (Jeff loves to get email almost as much as he likes downloading). So, kick your shoes off, put your feet up, grab the beverage of your choice and relax and enjoy the tour.
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Sammy Kershaw - Love Of My Life MP3'd by Jeff

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