Hi...I'm Misty! I can talk...can you fly?


Hi! Come on in...I won't bite.....errrrr...uhhhhhh.....maybe I'll bite..but don't take it personal, sometimes the urge just strikes me and I can't control myself. I'm a Congo African Grey Parrot (a real beauty wouldn't you say?!) I'm 6 years old and I say around 150 words and phrases. Yep...you got it...once I started talking at around 6 months, there was NO shutting me up. I have something to say about just about everything, and sometimes I talk just to hear myself talk.
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"Hello...hellooooo...whatcha doin Woody?..whats yer problem?...siren sound~~Going to a fire!"


I adopted Mom and Dad September 1994. I was 4 months old and very sweet....but also very clumsy. Because of my clumsiness I almost got the name "Gump" ... after Forrest Gump. Boy, I sure am glad they named me Misty....don't think I'd like being a "Gump" all my life.
I am a DNA sexed female. Of course, I always KNEW I was a girl...but I didn't tell Mom and Dad. My motto is "Always keep em guessing" hehehe. Oh well...now that the secret is out, maybe I should try to lay an egg or something. Maybe I should go to some classes on childbirth first...it sounds very painful! Wonder if I could go to the vet and have an epidural when it was time? hmmmmmmm Think I'll call "Planned Parrothood" and find out.

"Sheeesh!! I hate having to work so hard for a peanut!!"

I like to talk in Dad's voice most of the time. I love my Mom the most but I talk in Dad's voice...go figure! Mom says I'm *all mouth and full of poop*. She smiles when she says it though, so I guess it's a good thing.

"Tell me honestly.....too much cleavage??"

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