Tramontana Tower lies in the Hellers near Castle Aldaran

Tramontana is the most geographically isolated of Darkover's Towers. Thanks to substantial financial support from the Aldaran and Storn families, the Tower has been renovated and brought back to full function. Aidan Aldaran-Ridenow is the current Keeper of Tramontana. He replaces Elise Storn who was murdered in Comyn Castle in Thendara.

Recently, Dom Aidan has engaged in many innovative programs regarding the training of laran. He has managed to train his students in half the time that more conventional methods take. Recently, the Darkovan Inquirer named Tramontana as "Tower of the Year" in recognition of Dom Aidan's success.

Although Tramontana is the traditional tower for Aldaran, Dom Aiden and his First Circle are extremely busy, especially in searching for mineral resources in the mountainous area that surrounds the Tower. They ask that they not be contacted directly so that their work will not be disturbed. Please arrange contact through one of the other towers.

However, once every tenday, visitors are permitted in the public room at the Tower's base. Be careful, though, because rumor has it that one of the old trap matrices is hidden somewhere in the building. In fact, some suspect an old "spell sword" is hidden in the Tower's foundations, a leftover from the Ages of Chaos.

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