Welcome to Thendara!

The largest city on Darkover, Thendara is the center of the Seven Domains and home to Comyn Castle.

Thendara is the center of Darkovan culture.

Although greatly influenced by the Hasturs, elements throughout the town reflect the influence of many of Darkover's great families.

Next to the Old Town is the Trade City, and beyond that is the great Spaceport and Terran Headquarters. The new Thendara Sheraton in the Trade City will soon be open for visitors.

Click Here to visit Terran Headquarters in Thendara

Much of Darkover's interstellar trade comes through Thendara, and it also serves as a crossroads for Darkovans from all walks of life.

About the City:

Population: Approx. 40,000 in the Old Town; approx. 59,000 in the Trade City; and about 1200 workers in the Terran Zone

Climate: Lowland Plains

Average Summer Temperature: 9C (Terranan)

Average Winter Temperature: -12C (Terranan)

Yearly Average Snowfall in Winter: 1.8 meters (Terranan)

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