Welcome to Castle Storn

Also Know as High Windward

Storn Coat of Arms

Castle Storn lies perched high in the Hellers. In ancient times, this place was called High Windward. The Storns, nominally a fealty of Aldaran, have always maintained a high level of independence from the Domain. After the Sharra incident, much of old High Windward was destroyed. The Storn family rebuilt the castle to the structure we see today. The family still refers to it by its ancient name.

Today it is the residence of Diego Storn, who lives here with his loyal dog Jasper; his wife, Fianna; his foster son, Kieran MacDoevid; his cousin, Darerca Storn; and the Dreaded Lap-Dog of Aldaran, Buster. Diego spends many hours in his study, thinking of ways to modernize Darkovan society.

When you visit, the servants will greet you here. If you have an appointment, they will escort you to Diego's office.

Diego's Office

Here are two more rooms from the castle:

Diego's Library

The Formal Dining Room

The burgeoning city of Storn Heights lies at the foot of the castle. Once immersed in poverty, thanks to heavy investment from the Storn family, it is in the midst of a renaissance. Major construction is goin on throughout the community. Storn College was recently chartered, and the town boasts a galactic-quality hospital, modern schools, and a variety of new industries. Jobs are plentiful and wages are the highest on the planet. A year ago, there were 2,100 residents. Today, the population is 6,300 and still growing.

Storn Heights is growing into an important commercial center in the region and is also very friendly to tourists. There are numerous comfortable inns within the city. A nearby hydroelectric facility provides electricity to both the city and the castle.

Visit with Diego Storn

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