The Spaceport at Caer Donn

Caer Donn is the site of the first Terran spaceport since "Rediscovery" of Darkover. In an arrangement with the Aldarans, the Terrans negotiated space to build their facility. In the Hellers, though, flat space is at a premium and the climate is harsh.

The Terrans decided to build a bigger spaceport in the lowlands, selecting Thendara for the location. They still left their Caer Donn port open. During the Sharra Incident, the spaceport and most of Caer Donn was burnt to the ground. The Terrans rebuilt the port into today's facility.

While not as large or busy as the port in Thendara or even the outpost at Port Chicago, the Caer Donn spaceport is an important part of the local economy.

Many travelers appreciate its modern accomodations. About 500 Federation employees and dependents live in the zone around the spaceport.

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