Welcome to As Darkover Turns

The First Darkovan Soap Opera

Preliminary Script for the Pilot Episode

(The theme song plays) Episode 1: Scene One: A drawing room in a castle in a large Darkovan city. The camera pans in on a buxom young woman who is glancing nervously at the shadow in the archway behind her. As she binds her auburn hair along her neck with a copper butterfly clasp, she whispers furtively: "Hurry up and get out of here. My husband will be here any minute." A young man steps out of the shadows. He is young and lean, with close-cropped hair and clothing that mark him as a Federation worker. He grabs the young woman by the waist and kisses her passionately, then he climbs out the window and down a conveniently placed trellis. (organ music plays)

Scene Two: In an alleyway in a neighborhood of Thendara, a young man hears shocking news. The woman he has always thought was his foster mother is really his birth mother. That of course means the young woman with whom he has just had relations is actually his half-sister. In a desperate voice, she says, "I had hoped to stop you before you made a terrible mistake. Tell me I'm not too late."(organ music plays dramatically)

Scene Three: Hoping to flee the planet and any repercussions based on his indiscretion, the young man returns to Terran Headquarters and applies for a transfer to another planet, anywhere but Darkover. During a routine physical, however, it is discovered that he has a rare form of Trailmen's Fever and must be quarantined immediately. He must also reveal the names of those individuals with whom he has spent time within the last day. He must either risk the health of his lover/sister and his newly-found mother by keeping their blood bond a secret, or he will destroy them all by reporting them to the health authorities. Instead he flees to a Tower and pleads for assistance from a leronis. (organ music plays)

Scene Four: A pale leronis in a Tower frets, for her secret will soon be revealed. While to all appearences she is the model of propriety, in actuality, she is tormented by multiple personaltiy disorder, and her other self puts them both in danger by engaging in blatant sexual conduct. The leronis fears that one day she will burn up in the matrix circle because her channels aren't clear. When a young man shows up at the Tower and asks for aid, she uses her healing skills to cancel the disease which is ravishing him. But then her other personality takes over, and she "ravishes" the man physically. (sensual music plays while a flame burns in the fireplace)

Scene Five: When the young man awakens, he has no idea who he is. The fever that has left him has damaged his memory and now he is an amnesiac. Determined to find out who he is, he unwisely tries to leave the Tower, and stumbles upon the murdered corpse of the leronis who had "helped" him the night before. He cries out and is discovered by a group of matrix workers who accuse him of the murder. He of course has no defense other than to say he doesn't remember. (discordant music plays as the screen fades to black)

An announcer's voice says, "Join us tomorrow for another episode of As Darkover Turns. The credits roll as the theme song plays.

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