Welcome to Shainsa: Gem of the Darkovan Drytowns

Shainsa is the purest of the Darkovan Drytown cultures. Unlike Carthon, Shainsa is not contaminated by frequent contact with the Seven Domains.

The hallmark of Drytown culture is the dominance of males. Women must be veiled and chained. Drytown males are polygamous and the women live in harems.

Because of its isolation, Shainsa is not as prosperous as other areas of Darkover or even as other areas of the Drytowns. Since women are "property" here, female tourists are advised to enter Shainsa only in the company of a male companion.

Current population: 900

Climate in and near Shainsa is extremely hazardous. The desert presents many dangers for the unwary. Visitors are strongly cautioned about entering the desert without an experienced guide.

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