Population Figures for Darkovan Communities

Two Hundred Years after the Reign of Regis Hastur

The population on Darkover has never been clearly defined. Two centuries after the reign of Regis Hastur, there has still never been an accurate census of the population. Estimates are around 20 million, with 2% of the population possessing "laran". However, Discover Darkover! has an estimate of the population of some of the towns and villages around the planet. Here they are in descending order by size:

Thendara 40,000 in the Old Town, 59,000 in the Trade City, and 1,200 at the Spaceport for a combined population of 100,200.

Caer Donn 32,000 in the city and 500 in the spaceport for a combined population of 32,500.

Neskaya Village 12,000

Carthon 9,500

Storn Heights 6,300

Carcosa 4,400

Nevarsin 2,400

Arilinn Village 1,500

Ardcarran 1,500

Temora 1,500

Bellearmes 1,350

Syrtis 1,160

Corresanti 1,100

Hyalis 1,000

Lowerhammer 950

Shainsa 900

Daillon 900

Tarquil 750

Greyleaf Town 625

Asturias 600

Lake Mariposa 600

Scaravel 425

Heathwine 400

Candermay 300

Adereis 275

Lake Hali 250

Sain Scarp 200

Barrensclae 180

Halstad 160

High Ridge 125

Snow Glen 85

Highgarth 52

High Crags 45

We have no statistics for the towns surrounding Dalereuth, Neskaya, Corandolis, Elhalyn, Hali, Valeron, Armida, Ardais, or Serrais.

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