Welcome to the Shores of Lake Hali

The holiest place in all the Domains, Lake Hali is the focus of religious belief and traditions among the Comyn. Legend says that on the shores of Lake Hali, Robardin's daughter found Hastur, a god who had fallen from the stars.

During the Ages of Chaos, Hali became the site of matrix warfare and its old Tower was destroyed. The lake itself was contaminated, so Varzil the Good, the great laranzu, turned it into the mysterious vapor lake that it is today.

Strange, mutated creatures swim in the mist of what was once a lake of water. On the shores of Lake Hali, the Comyn are brought for burial. Nearby is the sacred shrine of the rhu fead, where precious artifacts, mostly from the Ages of Chaos, are stored.

The town of Hali itself is near the lake, and exists as a crossroads. The population of the town of Lake Hali is around 250, mostly engaged in trades related to innkeeping.

Visitors to the area are warned that the lake and the rhu fead are holy and that intrusion is a terrible sacrilege. While tourists are welcome at the inns and hostels of Lake Hali, no one wants this historic place cheapened by sensational tourism.

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