Darkovans in Exile: the name sends chills up the spines of any born under the Bloody Sun, sometimes called Cottman IV, but called "Darkover" by its people.

As with any interstellar society, over the history of Darkover's re-connection Terran culture, many native-born have left their home planet and journeyed to other worlds, especially Terra. This site is dedicated to those people.

In North America, the center for Darkovans in Exile is the Little Thendara Book Store. Right next door is another popular Darkovan hangout, the Exile's Song Coffee Shop.

Those wishing to be a part of the Exile community on Terra must register with Onelist.com.

The darkovan-exiles@onelist.com discussion list is a restricted list. Prospective members must be approved by the moderator. In general, members are accepted after they have proved their gaming skills and compatibility with the list by participating in the darkover-rpg-l@onelist.com list.

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