Meet Emelda Lanart-Hastur

Lady of Edelweiss

Emelda Lanart-Hastur is the daughter of old Danvan Hastur, Darkover's Regent. As a young woman she was handfasted to Edric Lanart of Edelweiss, whom she married di catenas. The marriage produced one child, a girl, Gwenneth Lanart-Hastur who married Rakhail, a Drytowner. Gwenneth perished during the devastating earthquake that hit Temora.

Emelda and Edric had an unhappy marriage and were separated for a long period of time. Edric made a liaison with a barragana, Arlinda Darriell. who is expecting his nedestro child. While at Comyn Castle for a Council session, Edric had a massive heart attack and died. Emelda makes her living by writing trashy romance novels under the pseudonym Adore Eternally. She was recently contracted to write a soap opera based on Darkover, and now spends part of her time in residence on Terra, living at Edelweiss when she is on Darkover.

Recently, she has fallen in love with a Terran, Tyrone Harris, who is of African descent. Domna Emelda and Mestru Tyrone plan to marry on Terra sometime in the future.

Emelda Lanart-Hastur

Emelda's Resumé:

Name: Emelda Lanart-Hastur
Age: mid-50's
Marital status in RPG: widowed
Gifts: small Hastur Gift.
Laran: weak telepath
Received minimum training at Arilinn
Politics: Rather conservative

Personality Traits:

Unarmed combat: poor
Armed combat: poor
Horseback riding: poor
Interpersonal skills: a first-class busybody who likes to interfere with those around her. Frequently drools at half-dressed young men.
Romantic friends: Tyrone Harris
Platonic friends:Adores her niece Congratulatia who may or may not be deceased; genuinely cares for her father, Danvan Hastur; admires Leisha n'ha Ursula's baking skills; fond of Frank Barber and her nephew Donal Lanart
Friends on Terra: Emelda has become a good friend of Lindsay Foster and Lindsay's circle of friends in New New York
Enemies:her late husband Edric Lanart-Hastur's lover Arlinda Darriell; dislikes Damien Elhalyn for ruining the wedding of her niece, Marisela; finds her niece Myria Lanart too intense;
Laran strength and training: weak laran
Hobbies: voyeurism; writing trashy novels; having lunch
Belongs to:The Thendara Ladies Garden Club, The Darkovan Historical Society, and other civic organizations
Other character traits:Views her standing in society as being paramount; sexually frustrated
Physical characteristics: imposing build; waving auburn hair; dresses expensively but not always in good taste; sometimes forgets to put on underwear
Physical weaknesses: none; very hearty

Where is Emelda Now?

Emelda is now a permanent residence in New New York on Terra making arrangements for the production of her new soap opera, As Darkover Turns. While there, she frequents the men's room in the Screaming Banshee nightclub. Emelda has recently gained a son, Lerrys Hastur, who was born via a uterine replicator. She plans to marry her Terranan lover, Tyrone Harris.

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