Meet Diego Storn

Darkovan Traveler

Diego Storn has led a varied life. As a young boy, he traveled off Darkover with his mother, visiting the pleasure world of Vainwal. Upon his return to Darkover, he joined the monastery of St. Valentine-of-the-Snows in Nevarsin. Tiring of that life, he emerged into the public life on Darkover via the RPG list.

Since his father was of the Aldarans, Diego agreed to become Regent of that Domain to help the Damisela Mabrie. Unfortunately, a combination of intrigue, betrayal, and power affected Diego's mind, in part due to his unstable Aldaran heritage. He fled Aldaran, and after a period of meditation and introspection, decided to travel around Darkover and report on his explorations. Frequently, his only companion was his dog, Jasper. More recently, though, he has lived in his ancestral castle, High Windward where he managed the fortune he built investing his share of the Aldaran legacy. He recently ended his bachelorhood by marrying Fianna Ridenow.

Diego in Terran Guise

This is Jasper, Diego's best friend.

Diego's Resumé:

Name: Diego Storn
Age: mid-40's
Marital status in RPG: newly married
Residence: Castle Storn (High Windward)
Gifts: Aldaran Gift in full measure but as usual it is unreliable whenever he needs it; partial MacAran Gift, limited to communicating with canines.
Laran: high, a strong telepath
Received training at Arilinn when he was 12; took the Monitor's Oath there. Formerly of Tramontana Tower.
Politics: Extremely liberal; fails to see the usefulness in the Comyn system; wants educational and economic reform.
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Personality Traits:

Unarmed combat: average
Armed combat: average
Horseback riding: average
Interpersonal skills: depends; doesn't like being double-crossed, manipulated, or betrayed. Holds grudges forever. Tends to be snippy with those he perceives as inferior.
Romantic friends: Formerly infatuated with Congratulatia Elhalyn y Ridenow, he married Fianna Ridenow. They are currently estranged.
Platonic friends:Best friend is his dog Jasper; likes and admires Eduin Alton; likes Piedro Aillard's sense of humor; in awe of Domna Marilla; tortured that he never made his peace with the late Marcello Ridenow; Diego's foster son is Kieran MacDoevid has become a main focus of his life.
Avoids:Regis di Asturien; does not trust Marton Elhalyn

Family: Besides his foster son, he has two Storn cousins: Elise (deceased) and Darerca; he has two half-sisters on his Aldaran side, Raphaella (who is married to Felix Scathfell) and Alana (who is married to Tomaso Leynier). Dani and Dolorosa Leynier are his nieces and the late Matthias Leynier was his nephew.
Laran strength and training: strong laran; trained monitor
Hobbies: reading, cooking, playing Yahtzee, traveling around Darkover, genealogy
Other character traits: hot temper; strong streak of independence; iconoclastic; lacks patience with those who don't share his political views.
Physical characteristics: tall, slightly overweight from eating his own cooking, dark hair and eyes, balding
Physical weaknesses: poor eyesight, nervous stomach; gets motion sickness easily

ICQ: 25778533
AOL IM: twodog202

Where is Diego Now?

Diego and Fianna journeyed to Escobar, where he received medical treatment to restore his health. Fianna was accidentally killed and was later revived after cryogenic treatment. Currently, they are estranged and Diego has returned to Darkover, taking residence in Castle Storn.

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