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Welcome to Darkover, legendary world of the Bloody Sun. Created by Marion Zimmer Bradley and known to the Terranan as Cottman IV, Darkover lives through a series of excellent books and in the minds of legions of Bradley's readers.

Unfortunately, Darkover is a world that is poor in traditional technologies. Most roads are primitive and the dangerous winds that haunt the Hellers make air travel extremely hazardous. Darkover's extreme winter climate increases the degree of difficulty in travel. Discover Darkover! is a travel agency which will assist you in finding your way around Darkover while it promotes tourism throughout the planet. Headquartered in Thendara, we hope that we are your first stop in your adventures.

We recommend that wintertime travel be restricted to the two largest cities: Caer Donn and Thendara and the skiing resorts near Lowerhammer. Even in summer, most Darkovans travel on foot, on chervines, or on horseback, and reaching many destinations, such as the Drytown communities of Shainsa and Arcarran or the snow-bound community of Nevarsin, is dangerous in any season. Beautiful places abound, and towns such as Bellazi and Carcosa beckon you to visit.

Come to Darkover, a planet of enchantment and mystery. Let the light of the "Bloody Sun" cascade over you. Adventure will be your reward.

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The Towers:

Visit ArilinnTower

Visit Corandolis Tower

Visit Dalereuth Tower

Visit Neskaya Tower

Visit Tramontana Tower

The Domains and Castles:

Visit the Domain of Aldaran

Visit Castle Aldaran

Visit Darriell House

Visit Castle Delleray

Visit Edelweiss

Visit Castle Elhalyn

Visit Falconsward, Home of the MacArans

Visit the MacAnndra Estate

Visit Castle Hastur

Visit Highgarth

Visit Lindirsholme

Visit Lake Mariposa

Visit Castle Scathfell

Visit Serrais

Visit Castle Storn

Visit Syrtis

Visit Valeron, Home of the Aillards

The Cities and Villages

Visit the Village of Adereis

Visit Ardcarran, Darkover's Ruby Capital

Visit Arilinn Village

Visit the Village of Asturias

Visit the Small Village of Barrensclae

Visit Bellearmes

Visit the Village of Bellazi

Visit the City of Caer Donn

Visit Exotic Candermay

Visit the Town of Carcosa

Visit the City of Carthon

Visit the Village of Corresanti

Visit Daillon in the Dry Towns

Visit the City of Dalereuth

Visit Greyleaf Town

Visit Halstad

Visit Heathwine near Armida

Visit High Crags

Visit High Ridge in Asturias

Visit the Leathermaking Town of Hyalis

Visit Lowerhammer

Visit the Island of Mormallo

Visit the City of Neskaya

Visit Nevarsin

Visit Scaravel

Visit Shainsa in the Dry Towns

Visit Snow Glen in Asturias

Visit the Village of Syrtis

Visit the Market Town of Tarquil

Visit the Fishing Village of Temora

Visit Historic Thendara

Organizations and Businesses:

Visit the Shop of Angharad the Weaver

Visit Blue Lake Vacation Resort

Visit Caer Donn Public Library

Visit the Dalereuth Guild House

Read The Darkovan Inquirer

Browse Eliadha's Book Shop

Visit the Guildhouse of the Renunciates, Temora

Visit the Guildhouse of the Renunciates, Thendara

Visit Leisha's Sweet Shop

Visit Mikaella's Art Shop

Visit the Spaceport at Caer Donn

Visit the Thendara Guard Hall

Other Sites of Interest:

Visit with Anya Lindir

Visit with Emelda Lanart-Hastur

Visit with Gabriel Alton y Ridenow

Visit with Terran Anthropologist Olivia Given

Visit with Idriel MacAran

Lake Hali and the Rhu Fead

Visit Terran HQ, Thendara

Visit with Valeria n'ha Lucilla

Contact Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine

Visit Fabrice Rossi's Darkover Site

See an analysis of Darkover's population figures

Read the Script of the Pilot Episode of As Darkover Turns

Learn about the Darkover Discussion and RPG Lists.

Find Out about the Darkovan Exiles on Terra

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