A Tourist's Guide to Castle Aldaran

Welcome to One of Darkover's Tourist Destinations

Castle Aldaran (visitors by appointment only)

Welcome to Aldaran, the castle in the mountains. We welcome you to visit the public areas of the castle on the ground floor. Special rates are available for Terranan.

Some historic places within the Castle:

It was by this fireside in the Great Hall that Lew Alton first met Marjorie Scott and became entwined in the Sharra Conspiracy

The library in the Castle was where the great Head of the Domain Kermiac studied laran, setting in motion the tragic events of the next generation.

From here you can follow a secret passageway that leads to the public library in Caer Donn, the most literate town on Darkover.

This is the Solarium. Many feel its beautiful view of the mountains is unsurpassed by any other castle on Darkover.

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