The City of Carthon

Crossroads of Darkover

Carthon lies along the banks of the Kadarin River at the edge of the Drytowns. Long a trading post, it is influenced by Drytown life, and for those who live in the Seven Domains, symbolic of barbarism and enslavement.

The city's fortunes as a trading center have waxed and waned over the centuries, but currently the economic outlook is bright. Howerver, because of recurrent violence and because Drytown women are for all intents and purposes slaves, tourists, especially women, are advised to avoid Carthon unless necessary.

About the City:

Population: Approx. 9,500

Climate: Cold Desert, with high, unpredictable winds and frequent sandstorms.

Average Summer Temperature: 12C (Terranan)

Average Winter Temperature: -5C (Terranan)

Yearly Average Snowfall in Winter: .5 meters (Terranan)

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