The City of Caer Donn

Welcome to the City of Caer Donn

The second-largest city on Darkover, Caer Donn nestles in the mountains beneath Castle Aldaran

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Caer Donn, site of the original Terran spaceport on Darkover, is a picturesque city, filled with local charm.

The mountains near Caer Donn provide an excellent opportunity for winter sports.

An exquisite street of shops brings you the finest in Darkovan goods. The Caer Donn Hilton is a popular spot with tourists. Unlike other areas of Darkover, Caer Donn offers many amenities that intergalactic travellers expect and many intergalactic businesses have set up branch operations here. Hydroelectric plants from nearby mountain waterfalls provide electricity to the city.

The citizens of Caer Donn value Darkovan culture highly and are among the world's most literate people.

Politically, Caer Donn is under the Head of the Domain of Aldaran, although there are strong sentiments among some citizens in favor of declaring a republic. Whatever their politics, the citizens of Caer Donn continually assert their desire of freedom of information.

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Years ago, the city was partially destroyed during an episode in Darkovan history called "The Sharra Rebellion". The full story is told in Marion Zimmer Bradley's books, The Heritage of Hastur and Sharra's Exile.

Through enormous effort, the city was rebuilt to surpass its previous charm.

The annual street carnival at Midwinter is the highlight of the year. Food, music, and dancing make it a memorable experience for Darkovans and tourists alike.

About the City:

Population: Approx. 36,000 in the Old Town; about 500 workers in the Terran Zone

Climate: Northern Latitude Mountainous, with high, unpredictable winds coming off the Hellers.

Average Summer Temperature: 6C (Terranan)

Average Winter Temperature: -20C (Terranan)

Yearly Average Snowfall in Winter: 3.7 meters (Terranan)

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